Change default folder view in Windows

Change default folder view in Windows 10

Throughout this post, we’ll be concentrating on how to change default folder view in Windows 10 by evaluating techniques to personalize how the folders are shown on your computer system.

Everyone have actually dealt with that time when whatever on our Windows begins to appear boring. The display screen merely appears to not please the eyes any longer and a change is what our minds desire.

Have you ever observed that the folders on your Windows 10 PC have been set on default for a very long time? Do you believe it has to do with time you lastly make some genuine modifications to the method your folders are shown on your PC? Well, if that holds true then today is your fortunate day.

Be it for a beverage of the visuals or ease of arranging contents, you can change the folder view from default to whichever type you desire. Windows 10 uses you a range of folder adjustment alternatives. The very best part? Making these modifications is a breeze. You will not need to set up any third-party software application or anything.

All you would require is to go through our guide and by the end of it, you’ll definitely be a specialist in altering your folder’s searches a Windows 10 PC. We’ll likewise reveal you additional ideas and techniques to make the most out of this function. Whether you wish to change the icon or the design, we will cover everything!

Change default folder view in Windows 10

Why some folder icons look various from others?

You may have observed how folders on your PC do not look all the exact same. That takes place since Windows 10 File Explorer shows folders according to the contents they hold inside them. For instance, in a folder filled with MP3 files, you’ll discover the icon of the folder to be shown with a musical note.

This portrays that the contents inside the folder are in MP3 format. The advantage you leave this is the ease of recognition. Put simply, Windows 10 makes it much easier for you to arrange and determine a folder by showing it based on the nature of the contents that it shops within.

The File Explorer provides you an overall of 5 design templates to pick from: General, Files, Images, Music, and Videos. Normally, when a brand-new folder is produced, File Explorer shows it in the General design template.

Nevertheless, when you include material to it, the folder design template modifications immediately depending upon the kind of files inside. You can change the default folder design template to another among your choice.

How to change view design templates of Folders

Here is a brief tutorial on how you can change the view design template of a folder:

  • Start by opening the folder you wish to change the design template view of. Right-click on a blank area and choose “Customize this folder”;

Change default folder view in Windows 10

  • Here you’ll discover“Optimize this folder for:” Click the drop-down menu listed below it;

Change default folder view in Windows 10

  • You’ll be provided a list of 5 folder design template options. Select whichever one you choose for your folder;

Change default folder view in Windows 10

  • You can likewise examine the “Also apply this template to all subfolders” alternative if you wish to. This will change the folder design template of every subfolder too;

(*10 *)

  • Click “Apply” and after that “OK” to lastly conserve your modifications.

Change default folder view in Windows 10

After these actions, you’ll discover your chosen folder showed in the design template you desired.

How to change folder icons

It would be unreasonable for us to not consist of the most noteworthy and popular function of folder modification in our guide. Yes, we are describing the folder icon that can be altered too.

You’ll be amazed to discover the variety of options you get in this one. So, let us solve into the tutorial!

  • Open the File Explorer and go to the address where the folder lies. Right-click on it and open its residential or commercial properties by clicking the “Properties” alternative at the bottom;

Change default folder view in Windows 10

  • Once the residential or commercial properties are shown, click the Customize tab on the far ideal;

Change default folder view in Windows 10

  • You’ll discover the “Change Icon” button at the end of the window. Click there;

Change default folder view in Windows 10

  • Another little window will open in which you can pick your icon. Select the among your choice;

Change default folder view in Windows 10

  • Click OK to conserve your modifications. You’ll discover the icon of your folder with a make over from now on!

How to change the default folder icon to a customized icon

Thankfully, Windows 10 does not hold you back from doing additional adjustments on your PC. You’re even provided the alternative of experimenting with custom-made icons for your folders. If you’re not pleased with the icons Windows needs to provide, you can download additional ones from anywhere on the web and use them to your folders. Let us reveal you how you can do that.

After you have actually downloaded your preferred icon, repeat those procedure up until the point where you need to pick the icon. This time, click the “Browse” button. Windows will ask you to direct them towards the folder where your custom-made icon is.

Just pick your custom-made icon through the browse alternative and click “Ok” after that. This is how you can set a customized icon for your folder.

Change default folder view in Windows 10

As far as downloadable icons are worried, you can discover numerous them on the Web. You can likewise transform an image to *. ICO format through numerous readily available programs and set it as your custom-made folder icon.

How to change folder design in Submit Explorer

Altering a folder’s design describes how material is shown inside thatfolder You have a range of alternatives here too. Windows 10 uses you an overall of 8 kinds of designs to pick from: Additional Big Icons, Big Icons, Medium Icons, Little Icons, Information, List, Tiles, and Material.

The design of the folder will change when you select any of these alternatives. “Large Icons” is normally the chosen design, given that it plainly shows the folder icon and assists you determine the contents within. With that being stated, if you desire your folders in a list of information, revealing their size and date, you can get that too! Here’s how to change the folder design:

  • Open the folder you wish to change the design of. Click the “View” tab situated at the top of the panel;

  • Here you’ll be provided 8 design alternatives to pick from. Select your preferred design and click it;

Change default folder view in Windows 10

  • You can likewise hold the tip on a design alternative for your PC to offer you a sneak peek of what the folder contents would appear like if you pick this design.

Change default folder view in Windows 10

Well, wasn’t that simple? Now you can have a clear view of your folders as you want. Your custom-made folder icons would be more noticeable too if you have a design of big icon.

How to change folder photo

Carrying On with our guide, you likewise have a choice to change the folder’s photo. We’re describing the thumbnail shown on a folder’s icon, which can likewise be altered.

Normally, the File Explorer provides you a look of the contents inside the folder by showing an image from the folder itself. The function here is the ease of recognizing afolder The advantage is that this too is a problem-free procedure. In our directions listed below, we’ll be revealing you how you can set an image on your folder’s icon.

Follow the listed below actions:

  • Expect you will be customizing the folder image of a folder called“Study Material” The default folder icon would look something like this:

  • Now, open the folder and right-click on a blank area. Click “Customize this folder”;

  • Here in the “Customize” tab, you’ll discover 2 alternatives in the 2nd box. Click “Choose File…”;

  • Select the image you wish to set on your folder’s photo. In this case, we’re picking an image that finest matches our folder for everybody to quickly understand;

  • Click “Apply” then “OK” to conserve your settings;
  • From now on, the “Study Material” folder will be shown like this:

This is simply another terrific method to make folders stand apart by setting an image on them. You’ll definitely discover arranging your folders to be way much easier than prior to all thanks to this approach of modification.

How to reset folder view settings

Now that you have actually found out the mostly-used folder modification alternatives, it’s time for you to find out how to reverse them back to default view.

You do not need to duplicate the procedure all the method to bring back a folder’s view back to regular. Rather of that, Windows 10 has actually made things simple by providing you a “Restore to default” alternative and we’ll reveal you where that is.

Here’s how you can reset folder view settings on your PC:

  • To Start With, head on to the File Explorer where the folder lies, and click the “View” tab. Then click the “Options” button;

  • A panel entitled “Folder Options” will open in which you need to click the “View” tab when again;

Change default folder view in Windows 10

  • In the “View” tab, click the “Reset folders” button;

  • Click “Apply” and after that “OK”.

All thanks to this approach, you will have the ability to bring back the folder’s view back to Windows default.

Checking out File Explorer’s folder view alternatives

Previously, we have actually hardly tapped the sophisticated alternatives side in regards to the display screen of folders in the File Explorer. Now, we will be going through a list of settings that you may have observed in the previous treatments.

Our readers should comprehend these extra folder view settings if they wish to get the very best out of the File Explorer.

First of all, head on to Submit Explorer and open the panel through which you reset the folder view in the last set of directions. Here you’ll discover a list of alternatives that are either examined or untreated.

You can check/uncheck these easy alternatives for much better display screen of files and folders. Nevertheless, we specifically suggest you check/uncheck the following ones:

  • Program concealed files and folders– Windows 10 lets you pick whether you wish to see files and folders that may not serve to you. Unless you’re great with numerous folders of low opacity icons being shown in Submit Explorer, we recommend you keep this alternative untreated.
  • Conceal safeguarded running system files– You’ll see that Windows 10 states “Recommended” ideal next to this alternative and we recommend you the likeWindows Just in a severe circumstance where you’re trying to find a specific badgered file would you require this alternative untreated. Otherwise, this one requires to be kept examined.
  • Usage Sharing Wizard– As Soon As once again, you’ll discover “Recommended” composed ideal beside this alternative. This Sharing Wizard alternative sets up which libraries and files are to be shown user accounts. It is recommended to leave this alternative examined.

These are just a few of the alternatives out of numerous others that you get to gain access to through the “View” tab in Submit Explorer. You can change them according to your requirements however pay unique attention to the alternatives we pointed out above.

How to open File Explorer to Quick Access/My PC

In case you have not observed, whenever you release the File Explorer, it directs you to the Quick Gain access to area by default.

From this area, you might pick to access your just recently along with often utilized files and folders. Nevertheless, if you wish to access your PC immediately after File Explorer launches, there is a method to get that done quickly:

  • Open File Explorer and click “File”, on the leading left of the window;

  • Click “Folder and Search Options”;

Change default folder view in Windows 10

  • The “Folder Options” window will appear. Here you can see the drop-down menu right at the start. Click it and pick“This PC” Then click “Ok”.

You can likewise set it back to Quick Gain access to if you desire. Apart from that, Windows 10 permits you to pin any folder you desire in the Quick Gain access to panel. This makes it much easier for users to gain access to folders through faster ways.

Prior to we end up, we want to offer you one last professional idea. You may be questioning that the previously mentioned treatments appear to be a difficulty given that you’ll need to change folder view settings for every single folder independently.

Nevertheless, such is not the case. Thankfully, Windows 10 provides you another relief in the kind of a choice called“Apply to all folders” Allowing this implies that the modifications you’re making will be made to all of the subfolders within the folder in concern whenever you’re personalizing them.

Do you see the “Apply to all folders” alternative? That is what you wish to click if you desire your modifications to be executed on numerous folders. This uses to all of the treatments pointed out throughout our guide.


As you can see, there are a lot of methods in which you can customize the folders all thanks to the Windows 10 running system. Appropriately, Windows 10 has actually provided you lots of customization alternatives to pick from so you can arrange your folders precisely the method you desire them to.

The function of this guide was to reveal you various techniques of attaining various outcomes associated with folder view modification. Now that you have actually scrolled all the method down here to our conclusion, we hope you entrust to a high level of efficiency in folder adjustment and company!

Last but not least, now that you have actually found out how to change default folder view Windows 10, if you discovered this post to be valuable, do not forget to share it on your social networks.

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