How to rename user folder in Windows

How to change user folder name in Windows 10

In this post, you’ll get to understand how to relabeluser folder in Windows 10 When you purchase a brand-new Windows 10 computer system, you are needed to carry out a preliminary setup. Throughout this setup procedure, you require to go into a username that will be related to your PC. This likewise develops a user folder in the drive where Windows 10 is set up.

Now, throughout the setup procedure, if you present an incorrect username, you would require to change it in the future. Despite the fact that the procedure is not as simple as relabeling any random folder, it can still be done. So, if you have actually been asking how to change user folder name Windows 10, you have actually come to the ideal location.

Listed below, we will have a look at 2 of the most typical approaches to do it. The very first one includes making a change to the Windows windows registry by utilizing the Computer system registry Editor (Regedit). This is the most efficient approach however needs to be utilized just as a last resource as it includes some danger.

The 2nd approach suggests changing your bank account with a brand-new administrator account. Let’s have a look at both of these approaches listed below.

How to change user folder name in Windows 10

Follow the approaches listed below to discover how to develop a brand-new user on Windows 10 and subsequently discover how to change user name in Windows 10.

Developing a brand-new Administrator account

This approach can be thought about as sort of a workaround or a“hack” It requires producing a brand-new regional account with the username that you desire.

Then you approve it administrator gain access to to your computer system, which basically makes it an administrator account. Then, you eliminate the exact same gain access to for your old account.

Let’s have a look at the actions included in this:

  • Click the Windows icon at the bottom left corner of your screen by default to open the Start Menu. Then click the equipment icon;
  • This will open the Settings app on your computer system. It permits you to change any choices relating to the system;
  • In the settings app, you will discover a lot of various alternatives. Click “Accounts”;

How to rename user folder in Windows 10

  • You will now discover yourself on the “Accounts” page which has standard info about your user account. You will see the username, the administrator account status, user profile of any other user on your computer system, and so on;
  • Next, click “Family & other users” situated on the left sidebar;

How to rename user folder in Windows 10

  • A brand-new page will open where you will discover the information of other relative who share your computer system;
  • Now, click the “Add someone else to this PC” choice which lies under “Other users”;

How to rename user folder in Windows 10

  • This will open a little window that will ask you to indication in utilizing an e-mail address or telephone number. Because we just require to develop a regional user account, and not a Microsoft account, you require to choose “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information”;

How to rename user folder in Windows 10

  • In the following window, you will be triggered to develop a brand-new user account. Click the 3rd choice: “Add a user without a Microsoft account”;

How to rename user folder in Windows 10

  • Now you will lastly be able to develop a brand-new user account. In this window, go into the username that you had actually initially prepared to usage. Ensure you go into the username properly this time around. Next, select a password for this brand-new user account. You will likewise require to established the security concerns in case you forget your password. As soon as you are done, click “Next”;

How to rename user folder in Windows 10

  • You have actually effectively developed a brand-new user account with your wanted username. The exact same can be seen on the“Family & other users” page This suggests that your computer system now has an old user and a brand-new user;

  • Next, we require to customize the account kind of the brand-new user developed. By default, this brand-new account is set to be a requirementuser However we require to change it to make it an administrator account. To do this, click your recently developed regional account under the“Family & other users” page This will raise 2 alternatives: “Change account type” and“Remove” Click the very first choice;

  • You will now see a brand-new window that will let you change the account kind of the brand-new user profile;
  • Click“Standard user” Then, choose“Administrator” Next, click“Ok” Your brand-new account is now set as an administrator account;

How to rename user folder in Windows 10

  • Now, you will have to change your old user account into a requirementuser To do this, open the Control board from your desktop;
  • Then, click “User Accounts”;

  • This will reveal you the initial user account that you had actually established. On this page, click “Change your account type”;

How to rename user folder in Windows 10

  • In the following window, ensure the “Standard” choice is chosen. Then, click“Change Account Type” This will change it to a regular regional account;

  • To end up, log out and after that log in with your brand-new account, and after that you will see the brand-new user folder in your C drive (or any place your Windows OS is set up).

How to change c/ users/username in Windows 10 Utilizing Pc Registry Editor

This approach can be a little dangerous as modifying the Windows windows registry can screw up the system if not done appropriately. Nevertheless, if you understand what you are doing and stay mindful throughout the procedure, you can handle to change your user profile folder name successfully.

This approach needs a 2nd regional account with administrator gain access to to work. So, you can follow the actions noted above to develop a brand-new administrator account. Then, follow the listed below actions:

  • Log in with the brand-new user profile that you developed in the above approach. To do this, click the Windows logo design at the bottom left corner of the screen and after that on the figure of an individual. You will then see your recently developed user profile. Click it to switch to the brand-new account;

  • Next, go to your user folder area. Its default area is normally in the C drive, where you normally discover other folders like program files, system files, and so on. To browse to it, open your file explorer, double click the C: drive, then double click the“Users” folder You will see your old user folder in addition to the brand-new one;

How to rename user folder in Windows 10

  • Now, you require to right-click on your olduser folder Then, click “Rename” from the menu. Name the user folder anything you desire and press“Enter” Examine to see the accuracy of the relabelled folder and after that close the File Explorer;

  • Then, open the Command Trigger app. To do it, push the “Windows + R” secrets. Then type “cmd” in the textbox and click “Ok”.

How to rename user folder in Windows 10

  • A brand-new Command Line application window will open. You require to paste the following command there (without the quotes) and press go into: “wmic useraccount get name,SID”;

  • A lot of codes will appear in front of you matching to each Windows user account. You require to take down the SID of the profile folder that you desire to relabel;
  • Next, push the “Windows + R” secrets once again, and this time, type “Regedit” in the text box. Then click “Ok”;
  • This will open the Computer system registry Editor. Copy the following address (without the quotes) and paste it into the address bar of the Computer system registry Editor: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionProfileList“;

  • Now, in the left sidebar, you search for the SID that you had noted above. Once found, click on it;

  • Double click on the “ProfileImagePath” windows registry secret from the list. This will permit us to change the” profileimagepath” worth. A little window will open;

How to rename user folder in Windows 10

  • In this little window, you require to go into the brand-new user folder name in package listed below “Value data” and after that click“OK” This name need to be the exact same as the one gotten in in the File Explorer;

How to rename user folder in Windows 10

  • The user account folder is now effectively altered. You can now reboot your computer system and log in utilizing any of the user accounts. In truth, your brand-new user account name will show up on the login screen. This additional validates that the change succeeds;

(*10 *)

Note: Once Again, to relabel user profile folder, just utilize this 2nd approach if the very first one does not work for you for some factor. Modifying the Windows windows registry can be rather dangerous and a single error can trigger significant damage to your system.


When you established a brand-new computer system, you are asked to develop a brand-new user account. While going through this action, the majority of people typically select something random, believing that they will change it later on. They later on recognize that this is not so simple.

Despite the fact that altering the account name is reasonably simple, altering the user folder name related to the account is not that serene. There are numerous workarounds to this and you require to take care while utilizing them.

The very first approach is to develop a brand-new admin account and after that getting rid of administrator gain access to to the old one. The 2nd approach includes modifying theWindows registry This is more efficient however likewise rather dangerous.

Nevertheless, if you follow the above actions, now you understand how to change username in Windows 10 and you will be altering your user folder name in no time at all at all.

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