How to add bullet points in Google Docs

How to add bullet points in Google Docs

In this short article we’ll reveal you howto add bullet points in Google Docs Countless Google Docs are developed every day all around the world. It is among the most hassle-free and economical methods to prepare files in the contemporary period. That being stated, it does still posture an obstacle for brand-new and unskilled users.

To provide you a much better understanding of how you can utilize Google Docs to their complete capacity, in this short article we’ll be teaching you how you can add bullet points to your file.

Everyone likes taking a look at lists. They’re arranged, cool, and provide your work a neat appearance. There are a couple of methods you can tackle doing this in Google Docs, and you simply require to follow our short article to comprehend what we’re speaking about.

How to add bullet points in Google Docs

Follow the actions listed below to learn how to add bullet points in “Docs”:

  • Open the Google Doc where your work is. If you’re beginning fresh, develop a brand-new file. To do either of these, gain access to Google Docs on your web internet browser and click “File”;

How to add bullet points in Google Docs

  • From the pop-up menu, you’ll see the choice to open an existing Google Doc file and to develop a brand-new one. The keyboard faster way to open a Google Doc is“Ctrl + O” If you hover your cursor to the “New” choice, a menu extension will appear and provide you choices to develop brand-new files;
  • Next, merely put your cursor in the file where you desire the bullet points to appear. Click where you desire the bullet points to start, even if you currently have the text prepared in that line;
  • When you have the placing all set up, appearance to the default toolbar menu close to the top of your screen. Towards the best end of the toolbar, you’ll discover the choice to add bullet points, as revealed listed below.

How to add bullet points in Google Docs

Note: If this toolbar isn’t appearing as it ought to be, there’s an opportunity that you might have reduced it. Notification the arrowhead pointing upwards at the far best end of the toolbar. If this is dealing with downwards, it suggests that your toolbar menu is concealed for a much better watching experience on the file. Merely click it to expose all the menu choices.

  • Then click the icon to insert bullet points and start crafting your work appropriately. If there is text in the exact same line as your cursor, the whole line will instantly be positioned as a bullet point.

Now that we have actually the essentials covered, here are a couple of pointers on being more reliable with bullet points in Google Docs:

  • You can pick in between different styles for your file’sbullet points This can be done by clicking the arrow right next to the bullet point icon. It will open another menu where there are various designs for you to pick from;

How to add bullet points in Google Docs

  • If you currently have the text you desire in bullet points prepared and gotten in in various lines as required, you can click and drag to choose that text and after that click the bullet point choice. Google Docs will instantly put each brand-new line as a bullet point;
  • If you desire to layer your bullet points, very first press “Enter” to begin a brand-new line and after that push the “Tab” essential to move into the next layer of the bullet point. Pushing “Enter” takes you back a layer. This is comparable to what you can do to toggle in between layers of bullet points on Microsoft Word.

Note: If you’re likewise looking to add a numbered list instead of a bulleted list, look no more than the very first choice to the left of the bullet points choice. The exact same basic guidelines as including bullet points use here too. Just this time you’ll get a numbered list. Furthermore, similar to with bulleted lists, you can alter the style to your choice through the drop-down arrow. You can likewise cycle through layers of numbered lists in the exact same method.


And there you have it! Including bullet points to Google Docs does not need much effort. You now understand how to do it appropriately so you can get your text files looking much better.

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