How to change folder icon in Windows 10

How to change folder icon in Windows 10

Have you been searching for info on how to change folder icon in Windows 10? We’re entering into that in this short article! Personalization is actually the spice of things when it comes to innovation and devices, and nowadays, it works for more than simply visual appeal.

Personalizing your Windows 10 interface by altering your folder icons can assist you find and discover your icons much faster. This permits you to tailor each folder simply the method you desire it, and it provides your Windows 10 computer system a make over– various from the conventional basic yellow-colored folder icons. The very same uses to your desktop icon.

It likewise makes each folder’s icon stand apart and enables an effective company. If you have actually been considering altering your folder icons in Windows 10, here are a couple of pointers.

Inspect listed below for actions on how to do it.

How to change folder icon in Windows 10

Essential things to learn about folder icons in Windows 10

When you take a look at a Windows 10 folder, at a very first look, you get to see a sneak peek of its contents, specifically when the view mode is set to” Big Icons”. That’s the default folder icon.

Nevertheless, if you change it for a customized folder icon for a specific folder, even when deemed big icons, the sneak peeks will no longer reveal. Just the icon will show. Have a look at the example listed below:

How to change folder icon in Windows 10

Prior To the Icon was altered, a sneak peek of the material of the folder is shown.

Beforehand, we enter into the comprehensive actions of how to change folder iconsin Windows 10 You require to get those folder icons prepared initially. Below are actions to get those folder icons.

Windows running system features a great deal of constructed-in icons. You can discover them by trying to change the icons, where you will see the different choices offered. If you, nevertheless, desire to utilize pictures of your option, you can begin your look for brand-new icons on Iconfinder. Iconfinder is a site where you can discover any kind of icon in various formats;

  • Look for your favored icons and download themin ICO format. In the image listed below, we looked for “Movies” icons, and we picked one;

How to change folder icon in Windows 10

  • You need to keep in mind that any image you mean to usage for your folder icon needs to bein ICO format. If you have any image that is not in such format, you have to transform itto ICO initially;
  • Download or develop your brand-new icons and conserve them in a particular place.

ACTION 1: Find or develop the folder you desire to change its icon

  • Open Windows file explorer by pushing “Windows key + E” and browse to its place. If the folder has actually been sent out to your desktop, you can too change its folder icon from there. The actions below will direct you;
  • Right-click on the folder and scroll down to “Properties” from the context menu choices. Then, click there. You can additionally push the “Alt + Enter” secrets;

How to change folder icon in Windows 10

ACTION 2: Change the icon

  • When you click “Properties”, browse to the tab called “Customize” and click the change icon button;

How to change folder icon in Windows 10

Note: Additionally, you can open the folder and right-click on an empty location within thefolder This need to be the resulting menu;

Clicking“Customize this folder” It will open the “Customize” tab in “Properties”.

How to change folder icon in Windows 10

  • Click “Change Icon”

As Soon As you do this, you will be rerouted to a brand-new window where you can change the icon of your pickedfolder The window shows the default icon that you can select from. If you desire another icon, you can browse to the folder where the icons you downloaded from Iconfinder are conserved by clicking “Browse”.

How to change folder icon in Windows 10

  • Navigate to the folder where your icon is conserved;
  • Select it and after that click “Open”;

    How to change folder icon in Windows 10

  • Click “Ok” to use thefolder icon change This will return you to the “Customize” tab under “Properties”;

How to change folder icon in Windows 10 How to change folder icon in Windows 10

  • When your picked icon is shown next to “Change Icon”, then you can click “Apply” and after that “Ok”;
  • Inspect the image listed below to see the folder icon entirely altered to the image we downloaded from Iconfinder.

How to change folder icon in Windows 10

If the folder does not change right away, go to the folder’s place, right-click with your mouse and pick “Refresh”.


Making your os look precisely how you desire it, is among the various possibilities that feature owning a computer system working on Windows 10.

If you have actually been attempting to find out how to change the folder icon in Windows 10 in the past, your search ends here. We hope the approaches highlighted above made this procedure simpler and more uncomplicated for you.

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