How to change Recycle Bin icon on Windows

How to change Recycle Bin icon on Windows

How to change Recycle Bin icon? The Recycle Bin is a valuable tool that lets you examine the files you have actually erased prior to you omit them completely from the computer system. By letting you bring back the erased files, it prevents losing any information.

Windows provides you the capability to tailor a great deal of choices, and it is among its most excellent functions. You can individualize your desktop to look the method you desire, to make the computer system feel it’s actually yours. While lots of people are utilized to the default icons for apps like the Recycle Bin, you can change it into something of your taste.

Windows has a set of icons to pick from, however you can likewise import your own icons. It does not matter which Windows Os you’re utilizing, it works on all the most recent variations. Besides, modification is basic and simple.

The only thing you need to remember is that the procedure might differ a little from one Windows variation to another, however we’ll get that covered.

Follow us as we take you detailed on what you require to do to change the icon for your particular Windows variation.

How to change Recycle Bin icon on Windows

Windows XP

If you’re still utilizing Microsoft Windows XP after all these years, we let you understand that you can change the Recycle Bin icon by:

  • Opening the “Control Panel”;
  • Double-clickon “Display” It takes you to the “Display Properties” window;
  • Click on “Desktop”;
  • Click “Customize Desktop”;
  • Select either Recycle Bin (complete) or Recycle Bin (empty) folder in the Desktop products window;
  • Click “Change icon”.

In case you desire to bring back the default icons, pick the icon, and click the “Restore default” tab.

Windows 7

Follow these actions to change the Recycle Bin icon on Windows 7:

  • On your Windows desktop right-click on a void;
  • Click “Personalize” on the drop-down menu that appears;
  • Find and click on “Change desktop icons”;
  • The desktop icon settings appear;
  • Select the Recycle Bin icon you desireto change This provides you the Recycle Bin (complete) and Recycle Bin (empty) icons;
  • Click“Change icon” This provides you a display screen of all offered icons;
  • As quickly as you discover the preferred icon, click “Ok”;

You can likewise pick a customized icon for your Recycle Bin by;

  • Clicking on “Browse”;
  • Navigate to the location your computer system conserves the customized icons;
  • Go to the customized icon and choose “Open”;
  • Select “change icon”, select the customized icon and click “OK”;
  • Click on “Apply” and after that “OK”.

Windows 8 and 8.1

If you’re utilizing Windows 8 or 8.1, follow the actions listed below:

  • Carry out a search by pushing the “Windows + F” hotkeys;
  • Type Recycle Bin in the search box;
  • Select “Settings”;
  • Tap on “Show or hide common icons on the desktop to access desktop Icon settings”;
  • In the “Desktop Icon” settings window that appears, click on Recycle (complete) or Recycle (empty) to change its icon;
  • Click “Change icon”;
  • Go through all the offered icons and select among your option;
  • Select it by clicking and press “Ok”;
  • Click on “Apply” and after that “Ok”.

Windows 10

To change the icon for the Recycle Bin on Windows 10, this is what you require to do:

  • Gain Access To the “Start Menu”;
  • Click “Settings”;
  • Select “Personalization”;
  • Click on “Theme” in the left pane of your Window;
  • Navigate to the best panel of the Window to discover “Related settings”;
  • Under that clickon “Desktop icon settings” The Desktop icon setting permits you to set up the icon to be shown on the desktop.
  • Select Recycle Bin complete icon or Recycle Bin emptyicon The Complete Recycle Bin icon uses when it consists of erased files in it, while the empty one reveals when it is empty;
  • Click on “Change Icon” button;
  • Go through all the offered icons and pick the one you desire;
  • Click Okay and it’s done!

You can likewise click on the browse button to browse to the folder which contains the icon file you desire to utilize as theRecycle Bin icon Then click “Open” to set the icon you desire for the Recycle Bin.

Keep In Mind that the icon you pick need to remain in the ico format and not a routine image file. You can pick to transform the image file into an icon file. You can likewise download icons from the web totally free.

If you desire to bring back the icon to default, choose it under the “Desktop icon settings” and pick “Restore default”.


Altering your desktop icons is a method to get your computer system more customized and customized for your own taste.

In our short article, you’re provided tutorials on how to change Recycle Bin icons on a range of Windows variations, from the vintage Windows XP to the modern 10. It’s all really simple and simple, no matter the variation you’re utilizing.

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