How to check monitor refresh rate in Windows 10

How to check monitor refresh rate in Windows 10

Are you interested in discovering how to check monitor refresh rate in Windows 10? If so stick with us and keep reading. In this post, we have actually revealed the 3 most convenient methods to check monitor refresh rate in Windows 10.

When it comes to PC video gaming, the monitor/ screen refresh rate is something that can either make or break your video gaming experience. Nobody desires to play a competitive shooting video game on a fuzzy screen. For that reason, examining the refresh rate and setting it to a greater worth can make your video gaming time worth every second.

Typically, many displays feature a default refresh rate of 60 Hz. That indicates they can bring details and upgrade the display screen at the speed of 60 times per second. Although it’s a low refresh rate for a video gaming monitor, it is respectable for daily usage.

While it’s no huge science to comprehend that, many individuals frequently get puzzled in between various refresh rates and lose time using a choppy screen.

Luckily, you can not just check the refresh rate however can likewise alter it according to your choice. So, if you are somebody who has actually been looking to improve the display screen quality, you can do so by increasing the refresh rate in settings.

To streamline this job, we have actually likewise consisted of a detailed guide on altering therefresh rate in Windows 10 Check out the total post to understand everything about your monitor’s refresh rate.

How to check monitor refresh rate in Windows 10

What is a monitor refresh rate?

As mentioned previously, monitor refresh rate plays an essential function in how quickly the visuals appear on the screen. It notifies you the number of times your system revitalizes with brand-new images per second. For that reason, the greater the refresh rate, the greater will be the display screen quality. And, this is why refresh rate is a vital element of a video gaming setup.

Although the idea of refresh rate is simple to comprehend, lots of players misinterpreted their monitor‘s display rate with frame rate (FPS). While both indicate the number of times a stationary image appears on the monitor screen, they don’ t imply the exact same.

A refresh rate, in easy words, refers to how quickly a monitor can refresh its visuals and video signals. It is determined in Hertz (Hz) and is accountable for a laggy or fluid show while video gaming. On the other hand, FPS refers to the variety of unique fixed images produced by the processor and depends upon in- video game settings.

Nevertheless, even with their distinctions, they do collaborate in providing you a simple and easy video gaming experience.

Till now, you should have comprehended the significance of display screen refresh rate for a smooth video gaming PC. Now, let’s discover the 3 finest methods to check your monitor’s refresh rate setting.

Monitoring monitor refresh rate in Windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 user, you can check the computer system monitor refresh rate by any of the following techniques:

Via System Settings

  • Press the “Windows key +I” on your keyboard and go to “System”;

How to check monitor refresh rate in Windows 10

  • Tap on the “Display” tab on the left pane and after that click “Advanced Display Settings”;

How to check monitor refresh rate in Windows 10

  • There you will discover the display screen refresh rate in addition to some other display screen specs like screen native resolution, bit depth, and so on

How to check monitor refresh rate in Windows 10

  • You can likewise click the “Display adapter properties” alternative listed below the display screen details to check the screenrefresh rate For this, switch to the Monitor tab after the display screen adapter homes tab appears on the screen.

How to check monitor refresh rate in Windows 10

Utilizing the Run Prompt

There is a simpler and quicker method to discover your monitor’s refresh rate in seconds. It’s by utilizing the Run energy on your system.

  • Open the Run box by pushing “Windows + R” secrets;
  • Type or paste “dxdiag” in the Run bar and struck Get in. The DirectX diagnostic app window will open on your screen;

  • Click the “Display” tab and after that scroll through the gadget details up until you see the present display screen mode. It will reveal you 3 things: your optimal computer system display screen resolution, running system, and screen refresh rate.

Check refresh rate in System Info

  • Hold the “Windows + R” secrets and type “msinfo32″ in the Run box;

(*10 *)

  • Double-Click on the “Components” tab in the left corner and after that on “Display”;
  • Discover the “Resolution” alternative to see the present screen resolution and refresh rate in Hertz.

Altering monitor refresh rate in Windows 10

You can alter or set the refresh rate in Windows 10 by heading over to the innovative display screen setting in the Settings app. To do so, go to “Settings”.

In Settings, click “System” > > “Display” > > “Advanced display settings” > > “Display adapter properties” and “Monitor”.

Now, you will see the screen refresh rate alternative. Click it and pick the preferred refresh rate for yourmonitor Lastly, click “OK” to use it to your present monitor display screen.

If you are not able to alter the default refresh rate on your monitor, this may be due to 2 factors.

  • If your monitor utilizes an HDMI port, it would not permit you to increase the defaultrefresh rate In this case, you will require a DisplayPort cable television to set the optimum refresh rate for your display screen;
  • Likewise, with a second-rate HDMI cable television or DisplayPort cable television, your monitor may not alter refresh rates rapidly. So make certain to get a quality cable television prior to altering the screen refresh rates.


A greater refresh rate can play a big function in enhancing the general resolution quality of your monitor while video gaming. For daily laptop computers and LCD displays, the suitable refresh rate is around 60 to 75 Hz with 1080p resolution. While for video gaming displays, a 120 Hz refresh rate with 1440p resolution is checked to offer the very best outcomes.

Nevertheless, prior to setting any refresh rate, make certain to check the system’s compatibility with the monitor refresh rate to prevent issues like screen tearing. As soon as you have actually examined its compatibility, you can alter or enhance monitor refresh rates utilizing any of the above techniques, so you never ever miss your targets due to the fact that of the blurred-out visuals.

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