How to check RAM and RAM speed on Windows 10

How to check RAM and RAM speed on Windows 10

If you have actually been looking for details on how to check RAM and RAM speed on Windows 10, stick with us. We’ll enter that in this post.

“Check the ram of the device before you buy it”– Sounds familiar? We can not keep in mind the variety of times we have actually discovered this recommendations.

Whenever you purchase a smart device or a computer system, it is constantly recommended to try to find larger quantities ofRAM A lot of us question why it even matters. For all our readers, who have no hint about this, we have actually got you covered. Today let’s enter what is RAM and why does it make such a huge offer.

If you are currently acquainted with RAM and its performance, it is totally great. You can just avoid this part and dive to the latter part of the post. In this post, we shall be covering how to check RAM on Windows 10

How to check RAM and RAM speed on Windows 10

What is RAM?

The word “RAM” represents Random Gain access to Memory. It is a short-term system memory that exists in nearly every gadget we own today; be it computer systems, laptop computers, or mobile phones.

However what does RAM do? In basic, RAM can figure out the efficiency of your gadget. Wondering how does that take place? Let’s see.

RAM is short-term memory storage. All the jobs you carry out on a gadget are backed byRAM Anything you open or do, all information and details are saved and accessed from RAM.

This storage and fast gain access to capability permits you to multi-task. For instance, composing a file, searching the Web, or listening to music; all at the exact same time.

All these programs and jobs are handled by RAM, at one time. It permits you to handle in between various jobs easily and perfectly.

Distinction in between RAM and h ard drive

Individuals primarily puzzle RAM with a disk drive or SSD. Yes, both are memory storage gadgets, however both have a various function. As discussed previously, RAM is short-term memory storage. It keeps information saved just when you are utilizing it.

This indicates that as quickly as your computer system is closed down, RAM loses all its information and details. An SSD or your disk drive shops information for long-lasting use.

All the os files, programs, and applications are saved in your hard disk or SSD. On the other hand, RAM permits you to shop and procedure this information as long as you are utilizing it. Let us comprehend this much better with an example.

How does RAM function?

The CPU on a computer system acts much like a human brain. It has 2 kinds of memory i.e., short-term memory (RAM) and long-lasting memory (hard disk).

Now let us presume you open a program or a file, saved in your hard disk.

All the needed information to open that program is copied briefly from your hard disk to theRAM This occurs since RAM is quicker to gain access to than the hard disk and even the SSD. As long as the program is running, RAM is being utilized.

Now if you shut down the program, all the information saved on RAM is lost.


  • All programs and applications are saved on the hard disk;
  • When you open a program, your CPU accesses it from the hard disk;
  • All the information needed to open and run that program is copied from the hard disk to RAM;
  • The program accesses this information from RAM as long as you are running it;
  • When you close the program, RAM instantly loses all the information.

This is why the efficiency of a computer system is– nearly– straight proportional to the RAM capabilityand RAM speed If you have more RAM, you have a larger capability to shop more information at the exact same time. This suggests a smooth and quickly running of programs on your gadget.

When your system lacks RAM, it begins utilizing virtual memory, assigning information to the slower hard-drive, decreasing general efficiency exceptionally.

Now you all need to be questioning why your laptop computer or PC hangs when you play video games. The RAM capability or RAM speed does not match the requirement of the program. RAM requirement is constantly figured out by the type of programs and applications you utilize.

Much heavier programs like computer game and CAD applications require greater capability RAM and greater memoryspeed Preparation for a RAM upgrade? Wait. Prior to you buy brand-new RAM, take note to the following:

  • Specifications (size, type, speed) of your existing RAM;
  • Setup of your existing os and motherboard.

Many computer systems utilize Windows 10 nowadays. For that reason, we are offering you a presentation on how to check RAM in Windows 10.

How to check RAM on Windows 10

There are numerous functions to try to find while purchasing or examiningRAM These functions consist of:

  • The capability of RAM (just how much storage capability RAM provides i.e., 4 GB, 8 GB, or 16 GB);
  • Kind Of RAM (DDR2, DDR3, DDR4);
  • Speed (frequency + CAS latency);
  • The variety of RAM slots offered in the motherboard.

When we typically discuss RAM, we refer to the size capability ofRAM A basic general rule concerning RAM size is that you ought to purchase a gadget that has at least 8 GB if you’re utilizing Windows 10.

Now let’s discover how to check RAM (RAM size) on Windows 10:

Utilizing Control Board

  • Type “Control panel” in the search bar next to Start Menu;
  • A window opens. Click on “System and Security”;

    How to check RAM and RAM speed on Windows 10

  • A brand-new window will be revealed. Click on “View amount of RAM and processor speed” under the 3rd alternative of “System”;

How to check RAM and RAM speed on Windows 10

  • Under the System section, you get details about your RAM size and its functional capability:

How to check RAM and RAM speed on Windows 10

Disclaimer: This technique just reveals you the set up RAM capability. To understand more about the RAM speed and type on your maker, you require to go through other approaches.

Utilizing Residence

You can likewise see this fundamental details about your computer system by:

  • Right-clicking “My Computer”;
  • Click the last alternative: “Properties”;
  • This technique likewise browses you to the exact same window displayed in the above image.

By utilizing Command Trigger

  • Type “cmd” in the search bar next to the Start Menu;
  • The search engine result programs“Command prompt” You can likewise open the command timely by utilizing the “Windows + R” crucial mix and then typing “cmd” in the search box;
  • Open Command Trigger;
  • Now whichever details you desire about RAM, type it with the command “wmic get memorychip” utilizing a comma;
  • For instance, here we are discovering memory type, type information,and RAM speed So, we utilize the following command: “Wmic memorychip get memorytype, typedetail, speed”;

(*10 *)

  • Press“Enter“;
  • The requested information is then displayed in a column form as shown in the image below;
  • RAM type is represented in codes. You can decode your RAM type with the following guide:

To learn more about these codes, you can check the following link:

How to check RAM and RAM speed on Windows 10

  • To get all information about your RAM spec, you can use the command wmic memorychip list full” This command shows all details associated to your RAM.

How to check RAM and RAM speed on Windows 10

  • We are deciphering needed RAM specifications shown by command trigger so you might comprehend it quickly:
Spec Description
Gadget locator Points out the slots utilized on the motherboard by RAM modules
Bank Label Points out the socket label on the motherboard that holds RAM
Capability Points out the size of RAM module in bytes
Set Up Memory Type Points out the kind of memory module in codes 25,24,22 and so on
Maker Brand of the RAM producer
Kind Aspect Size and pin setup of memory module

How to check RAM b y utilizing Job Supervisor

  • Right-click on Start/Windows;
  • Click “Task Manager”;
  • A window opens. Click on “More details” appearing on the bottom left corner of the window;
  • A brand-new window appears. From the taskbar, click “Performance”;

  • Click “Memory” on the left pane of the window;

  • This window shows all details of RAM i.e., size, type, frequency, slots utilized on motherboard, and present memory use;
  • If you hover your cursor to slots utilized, a pop-up box will be revealed. It informs you the capability, frequency, and slot on the motherboard for each RAM module.

How to check RAM speed on Windows 10

Up until now we understand all the offered approaches to check the frequency ofRAM It is composed in MHz and shows the clock speed, however there are more variables to figure out the real RAM speed.

The RAM efficiency is determined by frequency and CAS latency integrated.

What is the RAM frequency?

Every read and compose command are done on a single cycle. The RAM frequency shows the number of cycles it can carry out per second.

For instance, 3200 MHz shows 3.2 billion cycles of reading and composing per second.

Monitoring RAM frequency utilizing Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell is a Windows 10 integrated application. The PowerShell has numerous functions at its disposal, and RAM details is one amongst those. Let us see how we can utilize it for this function:

  • Go to the search bar next to Start/Windows;
  • Type “windows powershell”;
  • Open Windows PowerShell;
  • Now, as if you’re on the Command Trigger, utilize the following command:

“get-ciminstance win32_physicalmemory| Format-Table Manufacturer, Banklabel, Configuredclockspeed, Devicelocator, Capacity, Serialnumber -autosize”

  • Similar To the Command Trigger, PowerShell likewise shows RAM specifications in column type.

Now we understand these approaches to check RAM frequency. However what about CAS latency? Prior to examining approaches to check CAS latency, let’s get to understand what it is.

What is RAM CAS latency?

CAS represents Column Gain access to Strobe latency. It is likewise referred to as CL. CAS latency shows the time space in between getting and processing a command by RAM.

It is primarily represented as 15-17-17-30. This suggests the variety of clock cycles RAM takes to procedure a command. Now that we comprehend what is CL, let us check approaches to discover it:

Check CL by utilizing CPU-Z

CPU-Z is a third-party application. Not simply RAM speed, you can obtain all the needed needed RAM details from this app. Let us reveal you how:

  • Download CPU-Z application from the following link:
  • Set up the application by following the provided guidelines;
  • After effective setup, open CPU-Z;
  • Go to the “Memory tab” from the application window;

  • You can see all the details about your RAM consisting of speed, type, and size.

Check CL by utilizing PiriForm Speccy

Piriform Speccy is another trustworthy third-party application.

  • Download Piriform Speccy from the following link:
  • Set up the application by following the guidelines;
  • After effective setup, open the app;

  • Go to the “RAM section” from the left pane of the primary window.

The coolest function about these 2 applications is that you can download them even on Windows 7 and get all the needed details quickly.

It is necessary to think about both the elements of Frequency and CL for computing RAM speed.

CAS latency, as discussed previously, figures out the time space in between getting and processing commands.

If your RAM has less CAS latency, it indicates it can process these commands much faster. As a result, your programs and applications run faster and smoother.

The opposite formula chooses the RAM frequency. A greater frequency shows a greater transfer of cycles per second. Hence, a greater frequency rate likewise suggests a quicker efficiency of RAM.

For That Reason, to determine RAM speed, do think about frequency and CAS latency. The greater the frequency and lower the latency, the much faster the RAM efficiency.

How much RAM does Windows 10 usage?

The concern on 2 elements:

  • Setup of your os;
  • Use of programs and applications.

4 GB of RAM

If you’re running a 64-bit Windows 10, you can even get away with 2GBRAM According to Windows 10 specs, the 32-bit variation deals with 1 GB RAM and the 64-bit with 2 GB, as minimum requirements. Nevertheless, these limits just represent the setup and fundamental performance of the os.

The RAM likewise supports routine jobs we carry out like video gaming, modifying, searching, and so on. For that reason, we need to look beyond the os and consider our use too.

For that reason, we suggest our readers to have 4GB as a minimum RAM limit. 4GB is quickly supported by both 32 and 64-bit OS. Nevertheless, there is a problem here. The 32-bit OS is just capable to handle an optimum quantity of 4GB of RAM.

8 GB of RAM

The perfect RAM capability is thought about to be 8 GB. With 8 GB of RAM, you can utilize the complete capacity of your OS, and the processor to its optimum. You can carry out video modifying and even a little video gaming with this quantity of RAM.

16 GB or Plus RAM

If you are a devoted player then choose 16GB as you’ll have a great deal of RAM use These are likewise perfect for image modifying and other rendering programs. Remember that 16 GB or plus RAM capabilities are just suitable with 64-bit os.


After checking out all this details, if you are preparing to update your RAM memory, go all out. Do lookout for a quicker RAM speed integrated with a low CAS figure. And do not forget to purchase one that works with your motherboard.

After understanding the real capacity of RAM, we can quickly state that with the right RAM capability, your system can go from dull to fab.

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