How To Check The Ink Levels On Canon Printer (Easy Guide 2022)

How To Check The Ink Levels On Canon Printer (Easy Guide 2022)

Canon printers are understood for their dependability and durability. Nevertheless, gradually, ink cartridges might require to be filled up or changed. It can be appealing to simply change an ink cartridge as quickly as you understand it’s running low, however this is not constantly the very best option.

Prior to you head to the shop for a replacement cartridge, check your existing ink levels to see if you truly require a brand-new one. Not just will this conserve you cash, however it may likewise avoid you from making an unneeded journey to the shop. Nevertheless, there are numerous people who do not understand how to check the ink levels on Canon printer.

For such men, we have actually composed this detailed guide that information the actions needed to check the ink levels on your Canon printer from your computer system, mobile phone, or straight from the printer itself.

So, let’s simply get to the bottom line.

How to Check the Ink Levels on Canon Printer: 4 Ways

How to Check the Ink Levels on Canon Printer

You can quickly check the ink levels on your Canon printer. There are a number of various methods you can do it, and we’ll discuss all of them here.

Inspecting the Canon Printer Ink level in Windows 10

For those people running Windows 10 on our computer systems, the procedure of inspecting your Canon printer’s ink levels is reasonably easy. In truth, you can do it right from your computer system’s settings. Here are the actions to follow:

Action 1: To Start With, open the Settings app on your laptop computer or PC, and after that browse to Gadgets > > Printers & & Scanners

Action 2: After that, click when on the Canon printer that’s providing you difficulty in the list, and after that click the Manage button.

Action 3: Now, you require to open the Canon Printer Characteristics window. To do so, right-click the Canon printer icon and choose “Printer Characteristics“.

Action 4: Next, open the Upkeep tab, and click “View Printer Status/View Printer Status.”

Step 5: To see your ink levels, click the Energy tab and choose “Open printer utility.” Lastly, click the Ink Volume button.

Inspecting the Canon Printer Ink level in Mac

If you utilizing the printer with your Mac, then you can likewise check the printer’s ink levels from your computer system. The procedure resembles the one for Windows 10, however there are a couple of little distinctions. Here are the actions to follow:

Action 1: Open the Printers & & Scanners window by clicking the Apple icon in the leading left corner of your screen and after that picking System Preferences The Printer window will turn up.

Action 2: Now you require to go to your item and after that click Options and Products

Action 3: Next, click the Supply Levels alternative, and you’ll get the info you require. It’s as easy as that.

Inspecting the Ink Level Through Canon IJ Status Display

The Canon IJ Status Monitor is an energy that comes set up on all Canon printers. It permits users to check the status of their printer, consisting of the ink levels. Here are the actions to follow:

Action 1: Open the Canon IJ Status Display discovered on your desktop or in the Start menu.

Action 2: Click the Upkeep alternative to see the status screen of your printer.

Action 3: The very first thing you see is a graphic representation of your ink levels, providing you a concept of just how much ink stays in each cartridge or tank, depending upon what sort of printer you have. You can discover more information by taking a look at a table that notes each color individually with its staying ink beside it as a portion (%).

Inspecting the Canon Printer Ink Level With LCD

If you do not have an LCD screen on your Canon printer, this service will not be practical to you.

While this approach can be utilized to check the ink levels of all ink cartridges or toner in your Canon printer (the actions will be the exact same for black or color cartridges), it can be particularly beneficial if you’re wanting to learn whether a particular color is running low.

Action 1: Open the LCD panel by pushing the “Menu” button on your printer. Utilize the left and best arrow buttons to browse through the choices till you reach “Maintenance.” Press “OK,” then choose “View Ink Levels.”

Action 2: If you have just a black cartridge set up in your printer, that’s all that will appear on-screen. If there are a number of colors set up, scroll through them utilizing the left and best arrow secrets till you see the one whose level you wish to know.

Action 3: Scroll down utilizing the down arrow till you get Ink Status and hit OKAY once again. You ought to see a list of colors with their matching ink level determines together with an estimate of the number of pages are left prior to they go out.


Understanding how to check the ink levels on Canon printer isn’t a hard job. You can do so utilizing a range of approaches, depending upon your os and the kind of Canon printer you own.

Users running Windows 10 or Mac OS can check their ink levels from their computer system, while manual approaches and the Canon IJ Status Display are likewise readily available for users who choose to check ink levels straight from their printer.

No matter which approach you pick, it is essential to remain on top of your ink levels in order to prevent lacking ink suddenly and requiring to acquire a replacement cartridge.

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