How to connect 2 computers together

How to connect 2 computers together

There are celebrations when understanding how to connect 2 computers together is needed to get a job done. For instance, you might require to move some files or resources from your colleague’s Windows computer system to yours. Nevertheless, not everybody understand how to link 2 computers for file sharing.

With this in mind, we have actually shared some typical methods of linking numerous computers that will enable you to share networks, files, or any peripheral gadget in between them.

The procedure is generally uncomplicated and needs a couple of gadgets like a USB cable television, router or adapter, some standard understanding of computers, and in many cases, a trusted web network. The following part of the short article concentrates on how to connect computers utilizing a cable television.

How to connect 2 computers together

Utilizing an Ethernet Cable Television

Among the most convenient and most utilized approaches to connect 2 gadgets is a direct connection through cable television. Wired connections are generally more trusted and much faster for linking computers for file sharing without an active web connection.

This will need you to plug one cable television into both of the computer system’s Ethernet port. For this function, you can utilize a LAN cable television, USB cable television, Ethernet crossover cable television, or a null-modem cable television.

The majority of people choose utilizing an Ethernet connection for sharing information and web as it is an extremely trusted and steady connection and needs very little setup.

Likewise, it enables you to develop numerous computer system networks through center or switch. Nevertheless, you can refrain from doing all that with a straight-through network cable television. For this function, you will require a crossover Ethernet cable television of classification 5 or later on.

Although both routine and crossover cable televisions may look the exact same to you, the latter has actually crossed or reversed sets of wires. Likewise, these cable televisions are mainly created to connect 2 comparable kinds of gadgets like printers, computers, and so on

As soon as you have among these cable televisions, it is time to follow the next treatment.

Steps for sharing web in between 2 Windows computers:

  • Connect both the computers with an Ethernet cable television;
  • Press the Windows button on the host computer system and open the “Control Panel”;
  • In the Control board, click “Network and Internet” and after that “Network and Sharing Center”;
  • Tap on the “Change Adapter Setting” choice on the left side of the window;
  • Right-click on the “Wi-Fi” choice in the Network connection window and tap on “Properties”;
  • Head to the Sharing choice and examine the “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection” box;
  • Now, click the “Select the method you are using to share internet connection” under “Home network connection” and pick the gadget you are utilizing to share the web. Considering that we are utilizing an Ethernet cable television, you will have to pick the “Ethernet” choice from the drop-down menu;
  • Next, choose “OK” and after that “Yes” to save the previous development;
  • After that, it’s time to alter the settings for Ethernet. Right-click “Ethernet” and tap on “Properties” to open the Networking window;
  • Double-tap on the “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” to open its homes;
  • Inspect the “Use the following IP addresses” box in the General tab and put the following worths in each row. Keep in mind, you are doing it for the host/first computer system:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

  • When you’re done, click “OK” and get to the 2nd computer system to make the above modifications to it too;
  • Repeat actions 9 and 10, and this time examine both packages next to “Use the following IP addresses” and “Use the following DNS server address”;
  • Set these worths in the IP address window. It will enable the other computer system to get internet gain access to through the IP address of the host computer system:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Default Entrance: 192.168.1

Preferred DNS server:

  • Lastly, click “OK” to save the modifications for the 2nd computer system.

(*2 *)

Steps for sharing files in between 2 Windows computers:

There might be a time where you desire to share submits with another computer system rather of the network. And, this is when you will have to follow these next actions:

  • Start by linking both computers utilizing an “Ethernet cable”;

Note: You have to do these actions on both the computers concurrently to configure them correctly.

  • Press the “Windows” secret on both computers and open “Settings”;
  • Click the “Network and Internet” choice in the Settings Window;
  • Change to the “Ethernet” tab in the left pane and after that click “Network and Sharing Center” under “Related Settings”;
  • Tap on “Ethernet” besides “Connections” on the best side of the screen. If you can not discover the “Ethernet” choice there, click “Change Adapter Settings” towards the left side of the screen. The Control board will open;
  • Right-click on “Ethernet” and after that tap on “Properties” in the drop-down menu to open the Networking window;
  • Double-tap on the “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” to open its homes;
  • Inspect the “Use the following IP addresses” box in the General tab and input the following worths in each row; Keep in mind, you are doing it for both computers:

Computer System 1:

Computer System 2:

Ensure that both IP addresses are different Likewise, do not customize the subnet mask and keep it as “”

The next thing you will require to do is to customize the personal privacy settings of your connection utilizing the “Local Security Policy” app on your computer system. If you are utilizing Windows 10 Pro or Business user, you currently have this app downloaded. Nevertheless, if you are a Windows House user, you can get this app by following these actions:

  • Go To this link;
  • Scroll down up until you see the “GPEdit Enabler for Windows 10 Home Edition” link and click it to download. It needs to be under the “How to Enable SecPol.msc” area of the short article;
  • Open and Run the downloaded file and wait on it to procedure.

Note: The above 3 actions are just needed with Windows 10 House.

  • Browse and open the “Local Security Policy” app on both computers;
  • Tap on “Click Network List Managers Properties” on the best area of the window;
  • Discover and double-click “Unidentified Networks” and set the network areato “Private” Then click “OK”;

Now, share the folder from the host computer system utilizing these actions:

  • Open “File Explorer” on the host computer system and choose the folder you desire to share;
  • Right-click on them and tap on “Properties”;
  • Change to the “Sharing” tab and click “Share”;
  • Select “Everyone” from the drop-down menu and after that tap on “Add”;
  • Set the authorization level according to your choices;
  • Lastly, click “Share” to begin the sharing procedure.

The tail end is to gain access to the shared files on the customer’s computer system. You can do it in the list below method:

  • Open “File Explorer” on the customer computer system and after that tap on “Network”;
  • Select the gadget you desire to gain access to and check in to it;
  • Click“OK” You will now be able to gain access to the shared folder.

Which hardware device connects your network to the internet

Connect 2 computers wirelessly

If you desire to connect your computers wirelessly, be it a laptop computer or a desktop, the most convenient and the most effective approach is to connect them through a house network gadget. Here are the 2 finest methods to connect computers wirelessly:

Wi-Fi Router

Individuals have actually ended up being more dependent on cordless connection given that it uses unbelievable speed, and they can connect with other gadgets in a more useful method. To develop the very best cordless network, you’ll require a devoted router with excellent Wi-Fi bandwidth.

After getting a cordless router, you have to connect both your computers together through a network. And after that, you are complimentary to share your files and folders with any gadget.

Wireless adapter

In case you do not have a regional network to connect your PCs to, you can develop a Wi-Fi rather of utilizing your computer system’s network adapter. The network is called an advertisement hoc cordless network and can be established by following these actions:

  • Right-click the Start button and launch Windows PowerShell command trigger utilizing the “Windows PowerShell (Admin)” choice;
  • In the PowerShell window, type the command “netsh wlan show drivers” and after that Get In;
  • Go through the list and discover the “Hosted network supported” choice. If it states “No”, your existing computer system does not enable virtual gain access to, and you might have to upgrade the chauffeurs. If it states “Yes”, follow the next action;
  • Type or paste “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allowssid=ahoc key=password” to established a virtual network; Doing this will change the previous network with a brand-new one;
  • Now, type “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” to launch the advertisement hoc network;
  • Lastly, connect to it utilizing the ID you offered while finishing the connection.

Finish Up

So, this was everything about how to connect 2 PCs. Typically, you can make use of a wired connection like Ethernet for sharing your files and network.

You can likewise depend on cordless gadgets such as a wi-fi router or adapter for this function. In the end, whatever approach you pick is completely up to you.

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