How to download WhatsApp status

How to download WhatsApp status

If you’re a WhatsApp user and you have actually been questioning how to download WhatsApp status, you have actually got to the ideal location as we’re entering that all through this short article.

The messaging platform was established by previous Yahoo staff members Brian Acton and Jan Koum back in 2009 and later on obtained by Facebook in February 2014.

WhatsApp was established by previous Yahoo staff members Jan Koum and Brian Acton back in 2009 and entered into Facebook in February 2014. It simply turned 12 years of ages and it is the most popular messaging platform worldwide today.

A great deal of other messaging apps strove to handle the similarity the WhatsApp app however offered its ease of usage and the friendly interface, no other was successful yet to get it off the management. It has a user base of more than 2 billion regular monthly active users sending out more than 100 billion messages.

In time, WhatsApp has actually been enhancing its functions and began using voice calling assistance back in February 2015, video hiring 2016, and allowed group voice and video calling in 2018. In 2017, WhatsApp officialized the status function. It lets users share texts, links, sketches, pictures, videos, and GIFs that vanish instantly after 24 hr.

It is a duplication of other rival functions such as Instagram and Snapchat and can be truly helpful to share anything with a group of contacts. Some individuals even call it a WhatsApp story. From day-to- day minutes to fascinating YouTube videos, the most recent news and even to market a job-related service.

How to download WhatsApp status on Android

You’re adjusting your phone and you respond to a couple of messages onWhatsApp Then you see there’s a WhatsApp status upgrade. A pal of yours simply released an amazing WhatsApp status image and you desire to download it.

Although this will not deal with WhatsApp Web, you can do it quickly if you have an Android mobile phone.

WhatsApp permits users to share videos, pictures, and messages with other contacts through the WhatsApp Status function which is incredibly comparable to Instagram stories. A lot of users simply take screenshots in order to conserve the statuses submitted by others on their contact list. Although, there are much better methods to do it correctly.

You can go more than one method to download and conserve WhatsApp statuses. R ead on to learn whatever about it.

Get them in the WhatsApp folder utilizing a File Supervisor app

You can discover the WhatsApp status image inside the WhatsApp folder however there’s a caution; the media file is kept in a concealed folder. You have to enter this folder to be able to do the WhatsApp status download.

WhatsApp conserves the Status files in your area on your mobile phone memory. However do not forget these are eliminated after 24 hr of being released. So, what you can do is copy them out of their initial folder and conserve them into another area so they will not vanish.

Here’s the treatment:

  • Open WhatsApp and see the status you want to conserve. In this manner, a momentary copy of it will be produced on your phone’s storage;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • Then open the file supervisor (typically Files) on your Android phone;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • Tap the “three-bar” or “hamburger” icon to gain access to settings. Then tap “Settings”;

How to download WhatsApp status How to download WhatsApp status

  • Enable “Show hidden files” and return to the Files app primary menu;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • Tap “Internal storage” to gain access to your phone’s storage contents;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • Navigate to WhatsApp > > Media >>. Statuses;

How to download WhatsApp status How to download WhatsApp status

How to download WhatsApp status

  • Copy the Status you desire to conserve by doing a long press on it and tap “Internal Storage”, under “Copy To”;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • Selected any folder of your option and tap “Copy here”.

How to download WhatsApp status

Utilizing a WhatsApp Status downloader: Status saver app

What if you could utilize a WhatsApp status downloader app? Well, you can, attempt a WhatsApp status saver app to download status pictures and video status.

There are lots of choices in regards to a 3rd party app that can conserve you the intricacy of the technique explained above, utilizing the file supervisor.

Google Play Shop has lots of status savers. As normal, this will just deal with an Android gadget.

Here we’ll be concentrating on Status Saver app. Follow the treatment listed below:

  • Gain Access To the Play Shop on your phone;
  • Type “Status Saver” in the search box and tap “Install” to set up the app;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • As soon as set up, tap “Open”;
  • Enable the app to gain access to media and files on your phone. That’s a requirement for the app to checked out the internal storage to gather WhatsApp Status images that are being momentarily conserved under WhatsApp > > Media >>. Statuses. Click “Grant” and after that “Allow”;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • Now, you simply have to choose the material that you desire to conserve and after that tap on the “Save” icon;

How to download WhatsApp status

  • The picked files will be kept in the internal memory of your gadget.

Utilizing this app to conserve your WhatsApp statuses its simple as it can be!

How to download WhatsApp status video in iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user, things get a bit more intricate when it comes to downloadingWhatsApp status Unlike Android, iOS e no so versatile.

To download WhatsApp status, you require to have an activeBuildStore subscription Follow the listed below actions.

  • Uninstall your authorities Whatsapp app;
  • Go to the BuildStore website and register your iPhone there;
  • As soon as done, set up WhatsApp++ from here– utilize the Safari web browser to open the link;
  • Then, sign up the app with a legitimate telephone number.

Now, to conserve a WhatsApp status is simple!

  • Tap on WhatsApp++ to open it, and browse to the status page;
  • In the top-right corner, tap the “Download” button and selected where you desire to save the picked status.

Which’s it. As you see, it’s not so complex to conserve a WhatsApp status on an iPhone. It simply needs some more actions than on an Android phone.


Now you understand how to download WhatsApp status video and images the proper way. If it appeared difficult for you to save other’s WhatsApp statuses without taking screenshots, now you have actually found out 2 easy techniques that will assist you conserve those pictures and videos correctly and with no hassle.

You can simply stick to your phone’s file explorer or rather you might get a status saver app that will conserve you a great deal of time. It’s your option!

And keep in mind, if you desire to save somebody else’s WhatsApp Status, you ought to request for approval from the individual prior to doing so.

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