How to find and change IP address in Windows 10

How to find and change IP address in Windows 10

This short article will describe to you howto find and change IP address in Windows 10 What is a Web procedure, and how does it work? An IP address is a number that is appointed to your gadget when linked to a network.

The IP includes 2 numbers: one is your local/private IP address that determines on your regional network router, and the other is the general public IP address that determines you on a larger network. A common IP address development is 192.168. Your router appoints this unidentified worth.

However do you understand you can set an IP address by yourself? There are numerous exceptional and cool functions Windows 10 has actually upgraded throughout the years, boosting your OS experience.

How to find and change IP address in Windows 10

In today’s short article, we are deciphering one such cool part for you fromWindows 10 We’ll take you on a journey to find out how to find and change IP addressesin Windows 10 So, without squandering at any time, let’s start.

Prior to altering, we require to find a set of details, i.e., your computer system’s IP address, subnet mask, and default entrance appointed by your router. To see this details, carry out the following actions:

  • Press “Windows key + R” to launch the Run timely;
  • Type “cmd” in the open bar to open the Command Trigger window;
  • Press Go Into;
  • Type ipconfig and press Go into;
  • All your existing web procedure details will be shown on the screen.

Change IP address through Network settings

  • Go to the Start Menu;
  • Navigate to the Settings app and left-click;


  • Utilize the keyboard faster way “Windows key + I”;

  • Click the “Network and Internet” tile;
  • A brand-new window opens. If you utilize the Web by means of a cordless network connection, choose “WiFi” from the left window pane. If you utilize the Web by means of a wired network connection, choose “Ethernet” from the left window pane;

  • After clicking WiFi or Ethernet, click your network connection name;

  • Your web connection information appear. Scroll down and look for“IP settings” Under IP settings, click “Edit”;

  • The homes sector consists of all details that you may require to change yourIP address For instance, it reveals your existing IP addresses, subnet mask, and default entrance, which you will require in the following actions;
  • A discussion box opens with drop-down alternatives. The chosen alternative will be Automatic (DHCP). Here you can change yourIP address The automated (DHCP) alternative enables your router to designate an IP address to your computer system gadget instantly. This IP address is called a vibrant IP address;
  • If you desire to change or set a brand-new IP address (fixed IP address), choose “Manual” from the drop-down menu;

  • Now you require to allow either IP4/IP6 or both relying on your internal procedure choices;

  • After allowing any or both IPs, a brand-new window opens. If you allow both, you require to fill these windows for both IPs. For this example, we are altering the IPv4 address;
  • IP address bar: In the IP address bar, go into the wanted IP address you want to have for your gadget. We are altering it to:

  • Subnet prefix length bar: Subnet prefix length is a number identified by the subnet mask of your router. For instance, our router has a subnet mask This indicates that your subnet prefix length is 24 bits.

  • Entrance bar: Type the default entrance secret of your router gadget originated from the command line trigger. The secret is comparable to your IP address.

  • Preferred DNS server & & Alternate DNS server: You can avoid both. They will be appointed instantly by your router.
  • Click Conserve.

Note: Please guarantee that all the details you go into (fixed IP address, subnet prefix length, and entrance) is proper. To get precise details, we have actually currently shown you an accurate technique.

If any details is inaccurate, your Windows 10 computer system might likely lose connection with your router. You can go back to a vibrant IP address by changing your IP setting to automated (DHCP) in any such circumstance.

Change IP address through Control Board

  • Go to the Start Menu;
  • Open the Control board window;
  • Click “Network and Internet”;

(*10 *)

  • Your network name appears nextto “connections” Click your Network Call;

  • A window opens, revealing statistics of your network connection. Click “Properties”;

  • A list of homes will be revealed. Double click Web Procedure Variation 4 or Web Procedure Variation 6. If you desire to change both, you can change both individually by following these actions:

  • After double-clicking, a brand-new window opens. Tick“Use the following IP address” Now you can designate a fixed IP address by going into the exact same details from the very first technique.
  • After going into the wanted IP address, subnet mask, and default entrance, you can leave out favored and alternate DNS server address.
  • Please ensure to tick the “validate settings upon exit” box;

  • Click “Ok”.

Change IP address through Windows PowerShell

  • Go to the Start Menu;
  • Type Windows PowerShell and open it;

  • Type the “netsh interface ip show config” command;
  • A list of network connections appears on your screen. Initially, choose the name of the router/network connection for which you want to change your IP address;

  • Dynamic IP address: To set up a brand-new vibrant IP address, type the following command: “netsh interface IP set address ‘your network name’ dhcp“. Put your network as it was displayed in the list, but with quotation marks;

  • Static IP address: To configure a new static IP address, type the netsh command: “netsh interface IP set address name= ‘your network name’ static *IP address number* *subnet mask number* * gateway number*”;
  • Press Go Into.

Note: You can examine whether your brand-new IP address is set or not by merely typing “ipconfig” in the Command Trigger.


The approaches discussed above work when you desire to set a fixed regionalIP address However what if you’re going to set your public IP address? Your web service company appoints the general public IP address to you.

So, the liberty to either reset or change them is within their capability. What you can do is conceal your public IP address through a VPN. There are other approaches, such as utilizing a proxy server or utilizing a Tor network, however a VPN is a trusted and sustainable option.

A VPN service enables you to camouflage your IP address by selecting an IP address from a totally various nation. Now you should be questioning how you can access those sites even that are prohibited in your nation through a VPN service.

You can download and set up a VPN service of your option. some are paid, and some are complimentary also. Let us understand if you desire to discover more about VPN service and their functions.

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