How to find MAC address in Windows 10

How to find MAC address in Windows 10

What is a MAC address, and how to find MAC address in Windows 10? All of us understand that our house network/router designates an address to each linked gadget called an IP address.

Easily, each hardware piece/ gadget linked to your house network/router has an address determining its network adapter card. This network adapter distinct identifier is called MAC address.

A MAC ( M edia A ccess C ontrol) address is a set of letters and numbers that is hardwired to your network adapter card by the producer. This card is very first set up in your computer system, and after that this adapter allows our gadgets to link to a network.

It does not matter whether you utilize a wired connection or a cordless network connection. A network adapter is required for both; for that reason, it is essential to understand yourMAC address You can link your gadget easily to a brand-new network gadget or set up concerns while linking.

A MAC address has a setup comparable to IP address however is a lot various in performance and function. To start with, a MAC address is called as a physical address in network connection information.

The factor behind this name is that a MAC address is hard-coded to your network adapter. Furthermore, unlike an IP, a MAC address can not be altered. Some makers permit alternation in MAC address, however it is recommended not to temper a gadget’s MAC unless definitely required.

Now that we understand what a MAC address and its significance in linking us to any network are, let’s find out how to find it in Windows 10 running system.

How to find MAC address in Windows 10

Through Control Board

  • Go to the Start menu and type “Control Panel”;

How to find MAC address in Windows 10

  • Open the Control board window.


  • Press Windows secret + R to open the Run energy;
  • Type “Control Panel” and press Go into;

  • Click “View network status and tasks” discovered below the “Network and Internet” tile;

  • A brand-new window opens showing:“View your basic network information set up connections” Find your presently active web connection versus “Connections”;
  • Click your connection name;

  • A pop-up window opens. It will show your network connection status. Click “Details”;

  • A brand-new pop-up window opens. This window shows all your network connection information. In addition, you can find the MAC address of your actively utilized network adapter versus the physical address alternative.

Through ipconfig command

  • Press the Start button and type “Command Prompt“;
  • Right-click “Command prompt” and click the “Run as administrator” alternative;
  • In the Command Trigger window type ipconfig /all”;
  • Press Get In;

  • A list of all network adapters set up on your computer system will be shown on the screen. Under your active network connection or ethernet adapter, you can examine your MAC address next to the physical address alternative.

Note: With the ipconfig command, you get all the network connection information, e.g., IP address, MAC address for all your network adapters.

If you are interested in bring just the MAC address of all your network adapters, carry out the following actions in the Command Trigger (cmd):

  • Type “getmac“;
  • Press Enter;

  • This getmac command will show the MAC address of all your network adapter cards installed in your system.

Through Windows PowerShell

  • Go to the Start menu and type “Windows PowerShell”;
  • Right-click Windows PowerShell and click the “Run as administrator” alternative;
  • Type “Get-NetAdapter”;
  • Press Get In;

  • A list of all your network adapters with their MAC address is shown.

Note: this PowerShell command permits you to bring just mac addresses for all your network adapters set up in your computer system gadget.

Finish Up

A MAC address, much like an IP address, is a mix of 2 sets of series. One is a set of worths that are clearly appointed to a maker by IEEE requirements. The 2nd is a set of worths that identifies each network user interface card from the other.

Nevertheless, if you want to do a house networking practice, you can get a customized MAC address with an address generator.

In this post, we have actually taught you 3 incredibly simple techniques to find your gadget’sMAC address We encourage our readers to take down your actively utilized network card’s MAC address, so you do not require to go through among these techniques whenever it is required.

There is a disclaimer we would like to reference here. We do not advise any effort to modificationMAC address Any action might trigger you a network connection disturbance.

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