How to fix YouTube audio out of sync Windows

How to fix YouTube audio out of sync Windows 10

How to fix YouTube audio out of sync Windows 10? A lot of users have actually reported the concern of YouTube videos being out of sync time and once again. In some cases the video lags and other times the very same occurs with theaudio If you have rather the very same concern, do not stress due to the fact that you are not the only one.

While it might be actually discouraging to have all the material on such a practical platform as YouTube ending up being excruciating to watch, it is fixable. And, we have actually invoked a list of things that Windows 10 users can attempt to fix the audio synchronization on YouTube quickly.

Stand by as we take you through each of these and ideally you will discover a fix that deals with your case.

How to fix YouTube audio out of sync Windows 10

Attempting another video

A lot of times when individuals have actually reported this out of sync issue formerly, its been brought on by either malfunctioning material or a concern on YouTube’s end. We recommend you to:

  • If you are enjoying a video by a little material developer on YouTube, it might be brought on by their low-end hardware or simply the quality of the video. If so, you can let them understand down in the remarks or report that malfunctioning video to YouTube by clicking your profile image and “Send Feedback”;

How to fix YouTube audio out of sync Windows 10

  • If the issue continues, check to see if the offline videos on your computer system are out of sync also. If that holds true then the issue ends up being more evident, and we move to our next fix that you can attempt, inspecting your chauffeurs, and upgrading them.

Inspecting your chauffeurs

The most typical cause of issues like these is malfunctioning and out-of-date chauffeurs. If you still have out of sync videos, you must inspect your screen and audio chauffeurs and see if they are working well.

  • Type “Device Manager” in the search bar on the bottom right of the taskbar and click it;

How to fix YouTube audio out of sync Windows 10

  • Upon clicking, you will see a screen like the following. Go through the screen and sound chauffeurs and see if they are up to date and working;

How to fix YouTube audio out of sync Windows 10

  • If there are malfunctioning chauffeurs, you are either going to have to change them or upgrade them. You can get the proper chauffeurs for your device from your producer’s site.

Shut off hardware velocity (YouTube web just)

If upgrading your chauffeurs didn’t fix the concern for you, maybe disabling hardware velocity in your internet browser ought to do it. Follow the actions listed below to see how to:

  • In your Google Chrome, there is a button with 3 vertical dark dots. Click it and a drop-down menu will appear. Select “Settings” from that menu;

How to fix YouTube audio out of sync Windows 10

  • As soon as you have actually opened settings, scroll down all the method and click the “Advanced” button;

How to fix YouTube audio out of sync Windows 10

  • Scroll down once again till you see “System”, and after that disable the hardware velocity alternative;

How to fix YouTube audio out of sync Windows 10

  • After this, Google Chrome will ask you to reboot it. As soon as you have actually done that, your out-of-sync audio concern ought to be solved.

Reinstall your YouTube App

If the synchronization still suffers, there might be a concern with the desktop YouTube application you are utilizing. Check out some current evaluations to see if other individuals have actually experienced the very same concern with the app also. In any case, uninstalling and re-installing the app would not injure to attempt.

Inspect your web connection

After having actually attempted all the important things noted formerly, the audio still being out of sync can just indicate that the issue might be with your connection. I would recommend you run some online internet speed tests and see if your upload and download rate correspond, how high your ping is, and most significantly if you are getting any package loss.

If the outcomes make you believe your connection, take some standard troubleshooting actions, and call your web service company to sort out the concern.


YouTube videos being out of sync can be an overall headache for both routine and passionate users of the platform. And, while it is incredibly discouraging, we hope that you can discover in this list a fix for your concern and solve it to some level.

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