How to hide Online status on WhatsApp

How to hide Online status on WhatsApp

Throughout this short article, we’ll offer you important suggestions on how to hide onlinestatus on WhatsApp If you read these lines, opportunities are that you have actually been utilizing WhatsApp for a long time. Like you, more than 2 million around the world are dealing with it too.

WhatsApp is the most secondhand messaging app and has actually been experiencing exceptional development given that it was launched in 2009. It is being utilized by huge business, trainees and likewise routine individuals of any ages for routine day-to-day chatting.

This messenger runs on Android and iOS mobile phones. Besides, you can likewise access it from your computer system. There is a practical web variation of the messenger that you can utilize on your PC as long as your phone stays linked to the network while you’re utilizing the app.

WhatsApp Web can be run by accessing on your web internet browser or through a devoted Windows or Mac application you can download straight from the WhatsApp site.

This incredible app uses a great deal of personalization choices, and personal privacy functions, consisting of the capability to hide your last seen online status, hide reading invoices to name a few. Sadly, there is not a simple method to hide your online status, although there are some alternative methods you can do it!

How to hide Online status on WhatsApp

Concealing your online status might be necessary to safeguard your personal privacy for various factors. And we comprehend how that might be necessary for you,

WhatsApp enables anybody to hide the “Last Seen online” status, nevertheless, if you are online at the minute somebody is examining, you’ll reveal as “Online” and the messenger by itself does not let its users to hide that details.

Whenever you read material or composing a message to somebody in WhatsApp, you’ll appear online to your contacts, it’s a truth. Likewise, when utilizing WhatsApp Web on your computer system, your status will likewise reveal as “Online” whenever the WhatsApp window is active.

How to hide WhatsApp Last Seen and Online

Last Seen

We’ll begin this tutorial with the actions you ought to follow to hide the“Last Seen” status WhatsApp lets you do it natively and the treatment is extremely uncomplicated.

Remember that this technique will just hide the details revealing when was the last time you were online:

  • Start by opening the WhatsApp application on your phone;
  • Tap the three-dot icon at the top-right of the screen;

How to hide Online status on WhatsApp

  • Select “Settings”;

How to hide Online status on WhatsApp

  • Under “Settings” choose “Account”, and after that “Privacy”;

How to hide Online status on WhatsApp How to hide Online status on WhatsApp

  • In the “Privacy” menu tap “Last seen”;

How to hide Online status on WhatsApp

  • There you have 3 choices to select from. Select “Nobody”, so no one, inside or outside your contacts list is now able to see when you’re on WhatsApp the last time.

How to hide Online status on WhatsApp

Now, nobody will be able to see the last time you were activeon WhatsApp Remember that if you choose to hide your “Last Seen” status from everybody, you will not be able to see other contact’s “Last Seen” status also.


As we have actually specified above, the messenger does not supply an alternative to enable users to hide when they are actively online utilizing the app.

Nevertheless, there are some techniques you can follow to read and reply to messages without appearing online:

  • Put your phone into “Airplane mode” to cut any information and network connection;

How to hide Online status on WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp messenger. Now you can check out and even respond to all messages, examining statuses, and so on without appearing online;
  • Close WhatsApp and wait on about 10 seconds;
  • You can now disable “Airplane mode” on your phone to re-establish its connection.

Utilizing this technique, even your “Last Seen” status will stay the same. So, if you have the “Last Seen” noticeable, nobody will discover you were active on WhatsApp and even responding to messages.

If you want to understand how to hide online on WhatsApp in an easier method, there are likewise some readily available third-party apps that can assist you hide your“Online” status “WhatsApp GB” is among the very best understood.

It’s a sort of a WhatsApp modder and enhancer that includes a great deal of functions, among them being the capability to hide the “Online” status each time you’re utilizing the messenger. Sadly, it is not readily available in Google Play Shop, so you’ll have to download it and utilize it at your own danger.

Note: This WhatsApp modder is readily available both for iPhone and Android and sustains pretty good basic feedback.


Now that you understand how to hide online status in WhatsApp, your personal privacy is boosted. It’s a pity that is not possible to do it straight in the app’s personal privacy choices, however luckily, you’re now able to override this defect with the techniques given up this short article. We hope they’re important.

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