How to listen to YouTube with screen off

How to listen to YouTube with screen off

How to listen to YouTube with screen off? YouTube has probably the most significant database when it comes to music and videos on practically any subject. It’s not surprising that that it captures countless users every day.

All of us enjoy listening to YouTube in our spare time and even when we are doing some job. Nevertheless, due to the nature of its app, the cellphone screen has to be on whenever you are playing something.

Often we do not desire to view material however simply to listen to something on YouTube rather. As quickly as you lock your gadget throughout listening, anything that you were playing will stop briefly right away. On the other hand, if you keep the screen on, it is an enormous drain on the battery and can likewise trigger some hassle.

Do not fret, however, in this post, we will teach you how to have Y ouTube disappointing video, just audio.

How to listen to YouTube with screen off

Regrettably, there is no workaround for this scenario in the YouTube app, unless you buy a membership of either YouTube Music ($ 9.99/ month) or YouTube Premium ($ 11.99/ month)– at the time this post was released.

Nevertheless, there are some other techniques that you can utilize to listen to YouTube without having the screen on.

Y ouTube just audio, no video– Android (The web internet browser idea)

If you are questioning how to listen to YouTube without the screen on in an Android, there is an uncomplicated procedure. Carry out the following actions on any Android gadget to listen to YouTube even when your phone is locked.

This treatment deals with all Android gadgets:

  • Download and set up Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser app on your phone. In all Android gadgets, Google Chrome is readily available by default;
  • Go to your Google Chrome web browser and type;
  • Press the “three dots” on the ideal side. You will see various readily available alternatives;
  • Inspect the “Desktop site” now. The page will straight alter, and you will see a Desktop variation of the site;
  • Play any video you would like to listen to now;
  • Then, press the house button to go to your phone. The video will stop briefly at this moment. Pull the screen from above to expose the stopped briefly video;
  • Press the play button, and now you can lock the phone and continue to listen to the video in such a way that you get YouTube just sound, no video.

For iPhone– The Safari technique

If you have an iPhone, do not fret, there is a comparable technique that you can utilize to play YouTube even when the screen is locked. This technique is dealing with the most recent iOS variation 13.6.1.

Follow the treatment listed below to listen to YouTube with the screen off in iPhone:

  • Introduce Safari and browse to;
  • Press the “AA” on the web browser’s leading left side;
  • Now press “Request Desktop Website”;
  • You will now see the desktop variation ofYouTube Play any video you would like to listen to with your screen off;
  • Lock your phone screen now. The video will stop briefly quickly;
  • Now you can push the power button once again to gain access to the lockscreen You will see the media stopped briefly in Safari. Simply push the play button to continue listening. Now the YouTube video not playing, audio just.


YouTube is a remarkable resource for education, home entertainment, and to kill time sufficiently. You do not require to purchase the membership if you do not desire to.

You can quickly listen to any YouTube video or audio without having to fret about keeping the screen locked. Both approaches are rather comparable and simple– besides, both the methods discussed above work perfectly on the most recent Android and iPhone software application.

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