How to make periods bigger on Google Docs

How to make periods bigger on Google Docs

Knowing how to make periods bigger on Google Docs will assist you formating the whole file. The outcome is a tidy, structured file that is clearer for the reader to comprehend.

While it’s rather apparent to state that various font styles have various looks, we forget this uses to complete stops too

Often, the punctuation marks size makes it tough to inform them apart. Have you ever misinterpreted a comma for a duration? Can you discriminate in between a basic duration and an italic duration? You may not believe it matters, however punctuation is effective and requires attention.

Numerous have actually commented on the size of the periods inGoogle Docs Periods and other punctuation marks appear in the exact same size as the chosen font style. If they do not look big enough for you, keep reading. We have 4 techniques to deal with that.

How to make periods bigger on Google Docs

Modification person periods

This is an appropriate option for much shorter texts as it will take longer:

  • Begin by picking the duration you desire to increase the size of;

How to make periods bigger on Google Docs

  • The duration will be highlighted in blue;
  • Take your cursor up to the toolbar and either click on + or on the number to pick a size.

Sadly, in Google Docs, you can’t pick different periods and expand them in one go. This is why it works the very best for much shorter texts.

We have actually chosen size “24″ which is a bit severe, however you can see the distinction it makes.

How to make periods bigger on Google Docs

Modification the font design

Likewise to altering the size, this is just a great choice for much shorter texts:

  • Initially, pick the duration you desire to make bigger;

How to make periods bigger on Google Docs

  • Increase to the toolbar and scroll down the various font style choices. We pick “Impact” for a bigger duration.

How to make periods bigger on Google Docs

If you do not have to utilize a specific kind of font style for your work, want that there are some font styles where the duration is clearer: Oswald is a great option. So is Verdana. And lastly, Georgia.

However if you are composing a legal file or your teacher/employer has particular directions, you will not be able to do this.

Select all of the periods

This is a fantastic function fromGoogle Docs It permits you to look for any word or punctuation mark and make modifications. It’s ideal for when you end up a file, particularly longer texts.

  • If you are utilizing Mac, press “CMD + F to open the text search box. On Windows and Chrome OS, this use “CTRL+F”;

How to make periods bigger on Google Docs

  • Now include a duration into the text box (the punctuation mark, not the word).

How to make periods bigger on Google Docs

All of the periods in your text will be highlighted green. There is one that will be darker. The modifications you make will be displayed in this duration. We have actually altered all to size 15 and vibrant.

How to make periods bigger on Google Docs

Next, click on the 3 vertical dots to the right of the search box. This will open a brand-new window called “Find and replace”.

How to make periods bigger on Google Docs

Click change and all and the modifications will immediately be made.

Keep In Mind, if you desire to make any other punctuation mark bigger, you can utilize the exact same techniques. You require to discover and change all periods and after that duplicate the procedure for commas. You can’t type both punctuations to search together.

A word of caution

There are great deals of techniques online to extend your essays and documents. Some trainees have tasks with a minimum variety ofpages By altering your periods from a 12 to a 14, you might be able to include enough to fulfill the requirements. You can include as much as half a page on a 5-page essay.

Educators are quite familiar with this technique and will inspect. In reality, to check, it’s quicker than“Find and replace” All they require to do is choose all the text. If the font style size in the toolbar vanishes and there is no distinction in your font style size, it is clear the periods are bigger.


Do not stress if you can’t see periods inGoogle Docs It’s a typical grievance and not an indication of your vision worsening. If you can’t pick a typeface that has clearer periods, you can fix the issue by making periods bigger.

The quickest and most convenient method is to usage “Find and replace” as soon as you have actually finished the text. Making periods bigger is a wonderful method to make your file, paper, or discussion clearer.

Nonetheless, if you are a trainee and attempting to cut corners, it’s not worth it. Invest the additional time attempting to fill your page quota. In this manner your instructor will not return with some terrible penalty like renovating the entire file.

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