How to open a bookmark in a new tab in Chrome

How to open a bookmark in a new tab in Chrome

If you have actually been looking for details on how to open a bookmark in a new tab in Chrome, in this short article, we’ll be concentrating on that.

All of us are guilty of bookmarking. Whether it is a work task or any online shopping things, bookmarks are the only method to conserve web pages so we might access them whenever we desire.

However there is a problem here. You can segregate your bookmarks by classifying them in various folders. The genuine battle is to open each bookmark in a different Chrome tab.

The problem is when you click a bookmark; it opens in the presenttab Regrettably, this implies that you initially require to open a new tab page each time prior to opening a bookmark.

Today, we are conserving you from this tiresome trouble. You’ll get to discover some incredibly simple hacks on opening a bookmark in a new tab with the Google Chrome internet browser.

How to open a bookmark in a new tab in Chrome

Ways to open the bookmarks folder

You initially require to browse to bookmarks. You can quickly browse to bookmarks in Google Chrome utilizing 2 methods:

  • Open Chrome window and click the three-dot settings button in the leading right of the screen next to the toolbar;
  • Go to Bookmarks from the drop-down menu, and the bookmark choice broadens on the left showing all your bookmark web pages.

How to open a bookmark in a new tab in Chrome


  • In more recent variations of the Google Chrome internet browser, you have a Bookmarks bar listed below the tab bar;
  • A few of your bookmarks are pinned in the bookmark bar, and the rest are organized with other bookmarks alternatives;
  • You require to click other bookmarks to discover other bookmarks and even your bookmarked folders.

Note: If you desire to pin a specific folder or web page on your Chrome bookmark bar, just right-click on any empty location in the bookmark bar and choose the “Add a page/ Add a folder” choice.

You can likewise erase a currently pinned bookmark in Google Chrome by just right-clicking on it and clicking “Delete“.

Now that we know how to navigate our chrome bookmark webpages, it is time to move ahead and learn how to open any of them in a new tab using Chrome.

Ways to open a bookmarked webpage in a new tab

Method # 1

The first method is to right-click on the desired bookmark and click “Open” in the new tab choice.

Approach # 2

You can likewise open a bookmarked page in a new tab by clicking the wanted web page with the mouse wheel or middle mouse button.

Approach # 3

Another method to open bookmark in a new tab is by utilizing a keyboard faster way. Press Ctrl secret and left-click on the wanted web page and voilá

Ways to open a bookmark folder in new tabs

  • In your Chrome window, left-click on your organized bookmark folder button in the Bookmarks tab;
  • Your internet browser bookmark folders appear in the drop-down menu. Right-click on any and click the “Open in new tab option.

The group tab feature in the Chrome browser

In newer versions of Google Chrome, when you right-click on a bookmark folder, it shows four options:

  • Open all
  • Open all in new window
  • Open all in an incognito window
  • Open all in a new tab group

Now what this feature does is that it allows you to group all the webpages of a particular bookmark folder in a tab group and pin it in your browser tab bar.

You can give a customized name and color to each tab group. Tab group is expanded by default in the tab bar, but you can minimize it by simply clicking on its header.

Wrap Up

The tab group Chrome browser feature allows you to better manage your bookmark webpages systematically.

Google Chrome introduced the group tab feature in the year 2020. However, the feature does not support bookmarks folders with a higher number of web pages. Therefore, it may be likely to collapse if you try to open a bookmark folder with web pages more than 10 in number.

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