How to search YouTube channels

How to search YouTube channels

Do you desire to understand how to search YouTube channels on various platforms? Then you have actually come to the best location. The majority of people would concur that YouTube is truly simple to usage. And why would not it be?

The platform pays a great deal of attention to making YouTube as easy to use as possible, so you do not stumble upon any issues while utilizing its site or mobile app. However, we have to bear in mind that we’re just human and can get puzzled while carrying out the easiest of jobs.

Considering this, utilizing YouTube may not be a breeze for everybody after all. Nevertheless, there is something that a great deal of individuals discover to be complicated which is looking for YouTube channels.

If you likewise discover it challenging, then this short article makes sure to can be found in rather helpful given that we’re not just going to talk about how you can search for YouTube channels in basic, however likewise search videos within a YouTube channel.

How to search YouTube channels

Here, we are going to teach you how to search for a specific YouTube channel utilizing both a Home computer and an Android phone.

Utilizing a computer system

As you may have thought, the very first is to open the YouTube site, which you can do so by clickinghere When your internet browser has actually opened the homepage, you will see a search box in the top-middle of the screen, which you might utilize to search anything from videos, channels, playlists, and films.

Next, you require to type the name of the channel you desire to search for in the text box and hit “Enter”.

How to search YouTube channels

With this, you ought to exist with the videos and channels associated to your gone into keyword. Nevertheless, if you simply desire to search for channels, then you have to click the “Filter” button and choose “Channel” from the “Type” classification.

How to search YouTube channels

This ought to get rid of the videos from the search results and just present you with YouTube channels.

Utilizing an Android phone

Searching YouTube channels on your mobile phone isn’t that made complex either, however we’re still going to reveal you how to do it. To start with, you have to open the YouTube app and click the “magnifying glass” icon on the top-right side of the screen.

How to search YouTube channels

This will provide you with a text box where you can get in the keyword you desire to search for:

How to search YouTube channels

After this, you will see all the videos, channels, and playlists associated to that keyword. Now, you have to press the “Search Filter” icon on the top-right side of the app.

As Soon As you do that, a dialog box ought to appear where you have to choose “Channel” in the Type drop-down list and hit “Apply”.

How to search YouTube channels

With this, the app would just return channels in the search results.

Searching videos within a particular channel

When you have actually gotten to the YouTube channel you were trying to find, it’s possible to search for any of its videos and we’re going to inform you how.

If you’re utilizing a desktop, laptop computer, or tablet, looking for videos within channels is quite simple. On the primary page of the channel, you will discover a “Magnifying Glass” icon right listed below the “Subscribe” button.

Click it and a text box would appear asking you to get in the name of the video or any keyword you ‘d like to search for. With this, YouTube will provide you with all the videos that related to the search term.

Having stated that, we might have some problem for the folks utilizing YouTube on their phones. Currently, the YouTube app provides no function which lets users search videos withinchannels On the intense side, there are a couple of apps readily available on Google Play Shop which can allow you to do so.


The appeal of YouTube understands no borders and this might be associated to the reality that the site has such a large brochure of videos, and it is likewise so simple to usage.

With this, we acknowledge that everybody can encounter a concern while searching the site or utilizing its app. More particularly, browsing YouTube videos might not be a breeze for everybody and hence, we hope that this short article was able to guide you through this whole procedure.

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