How to share videos on Google Drive

How to share videos on Google Drive

How to share videos on Google Drive? Google Drive is among the most popular cloud storage services on the planet. It can be utilized on laptop computers, tablets, and even mobile phones.

It enables you to quickly upload and shop your files, images, videos, and the majority of other file types. Likewise, you can share these files with any person you like without effort. This likewise uses to videos.

So, if you desire to find out how to share videos on Google Drive, simply follow our post listed below.

How to share videos on Google Drive

It’s simple! All you require is to follow the listed below actions:

  • To begin, you require to log in to your Google account. You can do so by checking outGoogle com. Click on the “Sign in” button on top right corner of the screen. Then enter your e-mail address and password when triggered;
  • When checked in, click on the grid icon next to the words“Gmail images” This is essentially where you can discover all the Google apps;
  • In this list, discover “Google Drive” and click on it. It’s a triangular-shaped icon;
  • Now, if you do not have any video in your Drive, you can submit one by clicking on the “New” button on the left side of your screen. Click on “File upload” and pick any video from your computer system. If you currently have a video in your Google Drive, you can continue to the next action;
  • Find your video file and left-click it. A list of choices will open;
  • Click on “Share”;
  • From here on, there are 2 methods of sharing your videos with other individuals. The very first one is to merely key in the e-mail address of the individual you desire to share the video with. To do it, simply click on “Add people and groups” and type the e-mail address;
  • If you desire to alter the authorization type, click on the button listed below the settings icon. You can pick in between “Viewer”, “Commenter”, and“Editor” If you pick “viewer” the other individual will just be able to see the video. If you pick “Commenter”, they will be able to view and remark on it. If you pick “Editor”, they will be able to make edits to the video.
  • After you have actually gone into the e-mail address of the other individual and have actually picked your preferred authorization type for the video file, click “Send”;
  • The 2nd method to share your videos on Google Drive is by utilizing links. This can be done from the very same window that opens after action number 6;
  • On this window, under “Get link”, click on “Change to anyone with the link”;
  • In the next window that shows up, clickon “Copy link” Here too, you can alter the authorization kind of the file;
  • When you have actually copied the link, click “Done”.

You can now share this relate to anybody utilizing any approach you like. You can send out the link through chat apps like Whatsapp or through other social networks apps such as Twitter orFacebook You can likewise send out the link through e-mail. When the other individual gets it, they will be able to open the video that you have actually shared.

How to download a video from Google Drive

Let’s state you desire to download a video fromGoogle Drive This is a quite easy procedure. Merely follow the above actions up to the 5th action. Then, follow these basic actions:

  • Click on “Download”;
  • A brand-new window might appear asking you what you desire to make with the file. You can pick to save it to your computer system.

Finish Up

Sharing videos that are saved in your Google Drive is a quite simple and simple job. By following the treatment in our post, you’ll be doing it with no effort.

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