How to start or share a YouTube video at a certain time

How to start or share a YouTube video at a certain time

In this short article, you’ll find out howto start or share a YouTube video at a certain time From humor to details, from home entertainment to education, YouTube has actually done marvels for many individuals.

However every once in a while we’re confronted with the issue of not desiring to view the whole thing. Attention periods in the modern-day digital age are much shorter than ever. In some cases you desire to conservetime In some cases your buddy simply does not desire to view the entire thing and you have to conserve him the problem of having to scroll to a particular part of the video.

The service to all of this is to just share the YouTube video at a timestamp of your option. That method, everyone instantly begins seeing the video from the point you desire. In this short article, we’ll be informing you how to do precisely that.

How to start or share a YouTube video at a certain time

If you want to understand how to share a YouTube video at a certain time, please follow the actions listed below according to the platform you’re utilizing.

On a computer system

H ow to start a YouTube video at a certain time on a computer? Thankfully, YouTube has actually currently recognized the significance of sharing a video at a certain timestamp. For this reason, they have actually consisted of a integrated function on the desktop variation of YouTube to let it take place.

  • All you require to do is open up the video you desire to share and click the “Share” button;

How to start or share a YouTube video at a certain time

  • In the pop-up box, you’ll see sharing choices for various platforms. On the bottom right you’ll discover what you’re searching for;

How to start or share a YouTube video at a certain time

  • By clicking the checkbox you’ll enable yourself to by hand go into any timestamp– within the bounds of the video, naturally, for thevideo to start at When you click the textbox, the beginning time will instantly be altered to the point of the video you are presently on.

How to start or share a YouTube video at a certain time

By doing this, you can likewise just stop the video on your screen where you desire it to start for whoever opens the link and follow the guidelines above.

You’ll see that the link to the YouTube video has actually now altered, and there’s a sign in the link of where you desire the video to start.

Click “Copy” to save the link to your clipboard. Wherever you paste the URL when opened, it will start the video at the defined time.

Utilizing a mobile phone

How to share YouTube video at particular time from app? Having this done on your phone is somewhat more complex. The YouTube app itself on both Android and iOS does not consist of a integrated function to pick where to start a video.

Follow the actions listed below to work your method around this:

  • Open the web browser on your phone. Typical Chrome on an Android phone and Safari on iOS;
  • Navigate to YouTube utilizing the web browser on your phone;
  • Browse the video you desire to share and open it;
  • Load the desktop variation of the site. This can be performed in various methods, depending upon which web browser you’re utilizing. Normally speaking, all you require to do is open up the web browser’s choices menu and discover the alternative to pick the desktop variation of the site;
  • Then, follow the very same actions as explained above as if you were on a PC, beginning with the share button.

By hand altering the link

If you have actually been taking note to what modifications when you click the “Start at” textbox, you’ll understand that the magic remains in the link to thevideo You can make these modifications by yourself too!

You can by hand include the following code at completion of the video’s link: “?t=00m00s

Changing the very first “00″ with a number refers to the minute beginning point, and changing the 2nd “00″ with a number refers to the seconds. If a video is much shorter than a minute, you can overlook the “00m” part of this code.

Putting all this together, here’s how a common brief YouTube link would be altered:

Prior To: and after, beginning at the 42nd second: ? t= 42s

For longer videos that discuss an hour, you can utilize the following code too: “?t=00h00m00s

It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that some links will currently have a enigma at completion of the URL. If that holds true with your specific video, change the enigma in the above code with an ampersand sign.

The upgraded code would then end up being: “&t=00m00s

Remember that you can leave out the part of this code that’s unimportant to your functions– if you simply desire to start after a couple of seconds, for example.

It deserves keeping in mind that utilizing the previous choices might be a more effective method of acquiring the link that begins thevideo at a certain time However, understanding how to alter the link yourself might assist to enhance your understanding of how these links work for any other factor.


YouTube has actually currently revealed that it is taking note to the significance of beginning a video at a particulartime We can hope that there is an upgrade quickly concerning the mobile application on Android and iOS that let us start YouTube video at certain time like the desktop variation.

Now that you understand how to share YouTube video at particular time, you can go directly to the point when sharing some pertinent scene with a buddy.

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