How to turn off Google Drive sync

How to turn off Google Drive sync

Let’s inspect how to turn off Google Drive sync which can be extremely helpful i f you have a Google Drive account and desire to disable syncing momentarily. Integrating your Google Drive storage is essential to keep all your files securely kept in the cloud. With Google Drive, you can quickly access to all your files on the go, whether you are on your mobile phone or PC, and the only method to make sure that these files stay available is to routinely integrate your Drive.

Nevertheless, lots of users have actually experienced the issue of non-stop syncing. In many cases, the backup procedure never ever ends, even if they are supporting just a couple of products. So, in those cases, users leave the backup procedure to continue with the hopes that it will complete after a long time, while some try to find methods to stop the Google Drive sync entirely.

While turning off Google Drive sync might not be the most advised alternative, it is still real that it is meaningless to leave a Google Drive sync that continues without constantly. Hence, turning off sync might be the next finest relocation.

If you want to find out how to turn off Google Drive Sync, you came to the best location.

How to turn off Google Drive sync

Although lots of users think about Google Drive as an iPhone or Android phone app and you still can capitalize through a web browser like Google Chrome, the Android app likewise has important Windows and macOS variations.

Below are the actions to follow to make certain you disable the Google Drive app:

Stop Google Drive upload when a mistake takes place

Normally, when supporting to your Google Drive, if a mistake takes place, you will see some choices for you to act. Select “Cancel” from those choices, and the sync procedure will stop instantly.

Quit Backup and Sync

Backup and Sync is an application from Google that is utilized to back up all your regional files on your Google Drive folder. This app is likewise utilized to vehicle sync all your filesto Google Drive If you desire to turn off Google Drive sync, among the methods to do it is to close this program.

Within the application, merely click the 3 vertical dots on top right corner. Then, click“Quit Backup and Sync” Google Drive sync will be stopped instantly. You can likewise utilize the “Pause” alternative to momentarily stop the backup procedure.

Disconnect Google Account

Google Drive Backup and Sync occur when a Google account is visited on a gadget. You can sign out of your account totallyto turn off Google Drive sync You might do it from the Backup and Sync application:

  • Go to “Settings” in the Backup and Sync app;
  • Click “Disconnect Account”;
  • Your Google account will be detached from the app, and Google Drive sync will stop.

Uncheck the folders in Backup and Sync

In the Backup and Sync app, you have to choose the files that you desireto sync to Google Drive If no file or folder is picked, then there will be absolutely nothing to sync, and the procedure will stop.

  • In the “My Computer” tab, click “Google Drive” and uncheck all the examined folders. Additionally, simply uncheck package nextto “Sync My Drive to this computer” Then, click “Ok” to save settings.

Uninstall “Backup and Sync”

Without Backup and Sync, your computer system will not try to procedure aGoogle Drive sync And whether it is a MacBook or Windows PC, getting rid of the app totally willturn off Google Drive sync Uninstalling the app does not erase your files from Google Drive.

Inspect listed below for the actions to uninstall Backup and Sync:

For Windows OS

  • Open the app menu by clicking the Windows logo design on the screen (the bottom left corner) and click “Settings”;
  • Click “Apps”, and from the applications list, find “Backup and Sync”;
  • Click it and after that on “Uninstall”.

You can likewise uninstall the app through Control board on Windows 10 OS:

  • Navigate to “Control Panel” and click “Programs”;
  • Go to “Programs and Features”;
  • Click “Backup and Sync from Google”;
  • Select “Uninstall”.

For macOS

Go to “Finder” and click “Applications”;

Drag “Backup and Sync” to garbage;

Navigate to the top-left location of the screen and click“Finder” Then choose “Empty Trash”.


We hope the approaches highlighted above worked for you to stop your Google Drive syncing concerns.

Likewise, you can think about other cloud suppliers that supportGoogle Drive There are platforms utilized to handle cloud drives, and you can utilize any among these platforms to repair your Google Drive concerns.

By the method, if you desire to get a much better grasp on the distinctions in between Google Drive and Google Picture, have a look at our short article.

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