Common Internet Slang, Abbreviations and Acronyms What does it mean

Internet Slang, abbreviations and acronyms: What does it mean?

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In this short article, we are going to discuss the significance of the most typical internet slang. Cyberslang as it is likewise understood is a brand-new language with unique and ingenious qualities. It includes Internet abbreviations and acronyms that have actually been establishing throughout the years by its users.

A great deal of these terms came from a number of years ago when interacting and accessing the internet came true in extremely little gadgets like pagers, old phones, and PDAs. Keyboards were extremely little and texting was a difficulty at that time. Likewise, it was a time when there were character limitations, particularly when texting in between cellular phones.

Individuals discovered it significantly hard to enter those little and non-ergonomic keyboards and quickly recognized the less they needed to type, the more and the quicker they might compose it.

So, a great deal of these terms came from for conserving keystrokes and time while composing both in computer system chats and texting on cellular phones.

In time, internet slang has actually slowly moved from being a mode of online interaction to being a daily language. Individuals all around the world have actually altered their communicative habits, language, and psychology by the subtle impact of internet slang.

Today it is even utilized in mottos by huge business to assist to promote their items. Besides, a great deal of individuals utilize internet slang not just on the Internet however likewise in their daily interaction.

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Typical Internet Slang, abbreviations and acronyms: What does it imply?

A great deal of Internet slang is comprised of abbreviations and shortenings. A number of these terms are formed by collecting the very first letters of each word together.

For instance, BTW = B y T he W ay

Common Internet Slang, Abbreviations and Acronyms What does it mean

Listed below we made a list of a few of the most typical internet slang utilized nowadays.

What does 2day imply?

2day indicates “Today”, describing today day.

What does 2moro imply?

2moro indicates “Tomorrow”, describing the day after today.

What does 2nite mean?

2nite indicates “Tonight”, today night.

What does 4EAE imply?

4EAE indicates “For Ever And Ever”.

What does ABT imply?

ABT indicates “About”.

What does ADN imply?

ADN indicates “Any day now”.

What does AFAIC imply?

AFAIC indicates “As Far As I’m Concerned”.

What does AFAICT imply?

AFAICT indicates “As Far As I Can Tell”.

What does AFAIK imply?

AFAIK indicates “As Far As I Know”.

What does AFAIR imply?

AFAIR indicates “As Far As I Remember”.

What does AFK imply?

AFK indicates “Away From Keyboard” and is utilized to state that someone is non-active in online video gaming.

What does AKA imply?

AKA indicates “Also Known As”.

What does AMA imply?

AMA indicates “Ask Me Anything”.

What does ASAIC imply?

ASAIC indicates “As Soon As I Can”.

What does as soon as possible imply?

ASAP indicates “As Soon As Possible”.

What does ATM imply?

ATM indicates “At The Moment”.

What does B4 imply?

B4 indicates “Before”.

What does B4N imply?

B4N indicates “Bye For Now”.

What does Bae imply?

Bae indicates “Babe/Before Anyone Else”.

What does BBL imply?

BBL indicates “Be Back Later”.

What does BBT imply?

BBT indicates “Be Back Tomorrow”.

What does BCNU imply?

BCNU indicates “Be Seeing You”.

What does BD imply?

BD indicates “Big Deal”.

What does BF imply?

BF indicates “Boy Friend”.

What does BFF imply?

BFF indicates “Best Friends Forever”.

What does BMT imply?

BMT indicates “Before My Time”.

What does BOL imply?

BOL indicates “Be On Later”.

What does BOT imply?

BOT indicates “Back On Topic”.

What does BRB imply?

BRB indicates “Be Right Back”.

What does brother imply?

BROTHER indicates “Brother”.

What does BT imply?

BT indicates“But” Very little of a conserving, right?

What does BTW imply?

BTW indicates “By The Way”.

What does CFY imply?

CFY indicates “Calling For You”.

What does CU imply?

CU indicates “See You”.

What does CUL imply?

CUL indicates “See You Later”.

What does Cuz imply?

Cuz indicates “Because”.

What does CYA imply?

CYA indicates “Cover Your Ass”.

What does DAE imply?

DAE indicates “Does Anyone Else”.

What does DBA imply?

DBA indicates “Doing Business As”.

What does DEKU imply?

DEKU is utilized as an insult significance “useless person”.

What does DFTBA imply?

DFTBA indicates “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome” when describing somebody.

What does DIKU imply?

DIKU indicates “Do I Know You”.

What does DM imply?

DM indicates “Direct Message”, frequently utilized in social networks networks.

What does DND imply?

DND indicates “Do Not Disturb”.

What does DR imply?

DR indicates “Double Rainbow”.

What does DTF imply?

DTF indicates“Down To Fuck” It can be utilized to represent a casual dating instead of an official relationship.

What does DWBH imply?

DWBH indicates “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

What does ELI5 imply?

ELI5 indicates “Explain Like I’m 5″.

What does EOM imply?

EOM indicates “End Of Message”.

What does EOS imply?

EOS indicates “End Of Story”.

What does Impressive Fail imply?

Impressive Fail indicates stopping working on something, generally due to a quickly prevented error. Nowadays the word “epic” is described discuss anything big or crucial.

Common Internet Slang, Abbreviations and Acronyms What does it mean 3

What does F2F imply?

F2F indicates “Face To Face”.

What does Facepalm imply?

Facepalm represents a gesture where you put the palm of your hand on your face in reaction to somebody stating or doing something dumb.

Common Internet Slang, Abbreviations and Acronyms What does it mean

What does frequently asked question imply?

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION indicates “Frequently Asked Questions”.

What does FB imply?

FB indicates “Facebook”.

What does FBF imply?

FBF indicates “Flash Back Friday”.

What does FF imply?

FF indicates “Follow Friday”.

What does FIFY imply?

FIFY indicates “Fixed It For You”.

What does FITB imply?

FITB indicates “Fill In The Blank”.

What does FML imply?

FML indicates “F**** My Life”.

What does FOMO imply?

FOMO indicates “Fear Of Missing Out”.

What does FTFY imply?

FTFY indicates “Fixed That For You”.

What does FTL imply?

FTL indicates “For The Loss”.

What does FTW imply?

FTW indicates “For The Win”.

What does FWB imply?

FWB indicates “Friends With Benefits”.

What does FWIW imply?

FWIW indicates “For What It’s Worth”.

What does FYE imply?

FYE indicates “For Your Entertainment”.

What does FYEO imply?

FYEO indicates “For Your Eyes Only”.

What does FYI imply?

FYI indicates “For Your Information”.

What does FYP imply?

FYP indicates“For You Page” Popular term utilized in social networks to explain the area called “For you”, a feed made to fulfill your interests.

What does G2G imply?

G2G indicates “Got To Go”.

What does GA imply?

GA indicates “Go Ahead”.

What does GAL imply?

GAL indicates “Get A Life”.

What does GF imply?

GF indicates “Girl Friend”.

What does GM imply?

GM indicates “Good Morning”.

What does GN imply?

GN indicates “Good Night”.

What does Gr8 imply?

Gr8 indicates “Great”.

What does GTR imply?

GTR indicates “Getting Ready”.

What does HAND imply?

HAND indicates “Have A Nice Day”.

What does Manage/ Alias imply?

Deal With/ Alias represents the label you pick for a site or app.

What does HB imply?

HB indicates “Hurry Back”.

What does HBD imply?

HBD indicates “Happy Birthday”.

What does HBU imply?

HBU indicates “How About You”.

What does HMB imply?

HMB indicates “Hit Be Back”.

What does HMU imply?

HMU indicates “Hit Me Up”.

What does HRU imply?

HRU indicates “How Are You”.

What does HTH imply?

HTH indicates “Hope This Helps”.

What do “I can’t even” imply?

I can’t even is another method of stating“I’m speechless” Something amazing you have no words to explain.

What does IAC imply?

IAC indicates “In Any Case”.

What does IC imply?

IC indicates “I See”.

What does ICYMI imply?

ICYMI indicates “In Case You Missed It”.

What does IDC imply?

IDC indicates “I Don’t Care”.

What does IDK imply?

IDK indicates “I Don’t Know”.

What does i.e. imply?

i.e. is the acronym for “id est”, which indicates “that is.” I.e is utilized to reiterate something that was stated formerly in order to clarify its significance.

What does IG imply?

IG indicates “Instagram”, a popular social networks network.

What does IRC imply?

IRC indicates “If I Remember Correctly”.

What does IKR imply?

IKR indicates “I Know Right”.

What does ILY imply?

ILY indicates “I Love You”.

What does IMHO imply?

IMHO indicates “In My Humble Opinion”.

What does IMMD imply?

IMMD indicates “It Made My Day”.

What does IMY imply?

IMY indicates “I Miss You”.

What does IRL imply?

IRL indicates “In Real Life”.

What does IS imply?

IS indicates “I’m Sorry”.

What does ISO imply?

ISO indicates “In Search Of”.

What does IU2U imply?

IU2U indicates “It’s Up To You”.

What does J4F imply?

J4F indicates “Just For Fun”.

What does JAM imply?

JAM indicates “Just A Minute”.

What does JFY imply?

JFY indicates “Just For You”.

What does JIC imply?

JIC indicates “Just In Case”.

What does JK imply?

JK indicates “Just Kidding”.

What does JSYK imply?

JSYK indicates “Just So You Know”.

What does Simply sayin’ imply?

Simply sayin’ suggests a desire to hold and reveal the belief, however not to wish to argue for or safeguard that belief.

What does KK imply?

KK indicates “Okay”.

What does L8 imply?

L8 indicates “Late”.

What does L8R imply?

L8R indicates “Later”.

What does Lag imply?

Lag is when a computer system app or video game is sluggish to react. The word lag is frequently utilized when videos or online video games are running too sluggish.

What does LMA imply?

LMA indicates “Leave Me Alone”.

What does LMAO imply?

LMAO indicates “Laughing My Ass Off”.

What does LMBO imply?

LMBO indicates “Laughing My Butt Off”.

What does LMK imply?

LMK indicates “Let Me Know”.

What does LOL imply?

LOL indicates “Laugh Out Loud”.

What does LTNS imply?

LTNS indicates “Long Time No See”.

What does LYLAS imply?

LYLAS indicates “Love You Like A Sister”.

What does M/F imply?

M/F indicates “Male or Female”.

What does M8 imply?

M8 indicates “Mate”.

What does Meme imply?

Meme can be a concept, an image, or anything that can be handed down and changed on the internet over and over once again. Memes frequently spread out through social networks, and particularly for funny functions.

What does MILF imply?

MILF indicates“Mom I’d Like to Fuck” Frequently utilized by teenage young boys to explain an appealing older female.

What does MP imply?

MP indicates “My pleasure”.

What does MSM imply?

MSM indicates “Mainstream Media”.

What does MU imply?

MU indicates “Miss You”.

What does MYOB imply?

MYOB indicates “Mind Your Own Business”.

What does N/An imply?

N/A indicates “Not available” or “Not assigned”.

What does NAGI imply?

NAGI indicates “Not A Good Idea”.

What does NBD imply?

NBD indicates “No Big Deal”.

What does NE1 imply?

NE1 indicates “Anyone”.

What does NM imply?

NM indicates “Not Much”.

What does Noob imply?

Noob indicates newbie, an individual who is brand-new to something. It might likewise be composed as “newb” or “n00b”.

What does NP imply?

NP indicates “No Problem”.

What does NSFL imply?

NSFL indicates “Not Safe For Life”.

What does NSFW imply?

NSFW indicates “Not Safe For Work”.

What does NTS imply?

NTS indicates “Note To Self”.

What does NVM imply?

NVM indicates “Never Mind”.

What does OC imply?

OC indicates “Original Content”.

What does OFC imply?

OFC indicates “Of course”.

What does OH imply?

OH indicates “Overheard”.

What does OIC imply?

OIC indicates “Oh ! I See”.

What does OMD imply?

OMD indicates “Oh My Damn”.

What does OMG imply?

OMG indicates “Oh My Goodness”.

What does OMW imply?

OMW indicates “On My Way”.

What does OP imply?

OP indicates “original poster” or “original post”.

What does OT imply?

OT indicates “Off-Topic”.

What does OTL imply?

OTL is not an abbreviation. It’s an emoji utilized to reveal an expression or sensation. Represents a male kneeling on the flooring. The head is the “O” left wing, his arms are the stem of the “T”, with his back on top, and the “L” represents his kneeling legs.

What does PAWG imply?

PAWG indicates “Phat Ass White Girl“. Refers to an attractive white girl with a large butt.

What does PAW mean?

PAW means “Parents Are Watching”.

What does Photobomb imply?

Photobomb is utilized when somebody or something that should not exist, appears suddenly in a picture.

What does Pls imply?

Pls indicates “Please”.

What does POTD imply?

POTD indicates “Photo Of The Day”.

What does POV imply?

POV indicates “Point Of View”.

What does PPL imply?

PPL indicates “People”.

What does PS imply?

PS (or P.S.) indicates“Post Scriptum” Post indicates “after” and Scriptum indicates“written” It’s booked to reveal an afterthought or include extra details to a letter, short article, believed, and so on

What does PTB imply?

PTB indicates “Please Text Back”.

What does Pwned mean?

Pwned is mainly utilized in online video gaming and indicates that somebody got beat or embarrassed.

What does Q4Y imply?

Q4Y indicates “Question For You”.

What does QQ imply?

QQ indicates “Crying”.

What does RAWR mean in dinosaur?

Rawr indicates “I Love You” in Dinosaur.

What does RBTL imply?

RBTL indicates “Read Between The Lines”.

What does RIP imply?

RIP indicates “Rest In Peace”.

What does RL imply?

RL indicates “Real Life”.

What does ROFL imply?

ROFL indicates “Rolling On the Floor Laughing”.

What does RT imply?

RT indicates “Retweet”, an expression typically utilized in the social media network Twitter.

What does RTM imply?

RTM indicates “Read The Manual”.

What does SFS imply?

SFS indicates “snap for snap”, “shoutout for shoutout”, or“spam for spam” It’s commonly utilized in social networks.

What does SIS imply?

SIS indicates “Sister”.

What does SITD imply?

SITD indicates “Still In The Dark”.

What does SM imply?

SM indicates “Social Media”.

What does SMH imply?

SMH indicates “Shaking My Head”.

What does SMY imply?

SMY indicates “Somebody”.

What does SNH imply?

SNH indicates “Sarcasm Noted Here”.

What does SOL imply?

SOL indicates “Sooner Or Later”.

What does Som1 imply?

Som1 indicates “Someone”.

What does Spam imply?

Spam describes unimportant e-mails, generally with frustrating ads. It can likewise be utilized to explain unimportant and duplicated messages.

Common Internet Slang, Abbreviations and Acronyms What does it mean

What does SRSLY imply?

SRSLY indicates “Seriously”.

What does STBY imply?

STBY indicates “Sucks To Be You”.

What does Str8 imply?

Str8 indicates “Straight”.

What does boodle imply?

BOODLE indicates “Stuff We All Get”.

What does SYS imply?

SYS indicates “See You Soon”.

What does TBA imply?

TBA indicates “To Be Announced”.

What does TBH imply?

TBH indicates “To Be Honest”.

What does TBT imply?

TBT indicates “Throwback Thursday”.

What does TBT imply?

TBT indicates “Truth Be Told”.

What does TFH imply?

TFH indicates “Thread From Hell”.

What does TFTI imply?

TFTI indicates “Thanks For The Invite”.

What does TFW imply?

TFW indicates“That Feel When” It’s utilized to offer psychological context to a circumstance.

What does TGIF imply?

TGIF indicates “Thank God It’s Friday”.

What does THOT imply?

THOT indicates“That Ho Over There” Describes a lady who has numerous casual sexual encounters or relationships.

What does THX imply?

THX indicates “Thanks”.

What does TIA imply?

TIA indicates “Thanks in Advance”.

What does TIL imply?

TIL indicates “Today I Learned”.

What does TIME imply?

TIME indicates “Tears In My Eyes”.

What does TL; DR imply?

TL; DR indicates “Too Long; Didn’t Read”.

What does TLC imply?

TLC indicates “Tender Loving Care”.

What does TMI imply?

TMI indicates “Too Much Information”.

What does Lugs/ Adorbs imply?

Lugs/ Adorbs represent reduced variations of the words “totally” and “adorable”.

What does Trending imply?

Trending is something that is popular and has a great deal of individuals discussing it at a particular minute.

What does TTYL imply?

TTYL indicates “Talk To You Later”.

What does TTYS imply?

TTYS indicates “Talk To You Soon”.

What does Txt imply?

Txt indicates “Text”.

What does TYVM imply?

TYVM indicates “Thank You Very Much”.

What does U imply?

U indicates “You”.

What does U4F imply?

U4F indicates “You Forever”.

What does UR imply?

UR indicates “Your”.

What does VBG imply?

VBG indicates “Very Big Grin”.

What does VSF imply?

VSF indicates “Very Sad Face”.

What does WB imply?

WB indicates “Welcome Back”.

What does WBU imply?

WBU indicates “What About You?”.

What does WEG imply?

WEG indicates “Wicked Evil Grin”.

What does Well Played imply?

Well Played can be utilized when somebody shows you incorrect or has an extremely creative reaction.

What does WKND imply?

WKND indicates “Weekend”.

What does WOM imply?

WOM indicates “Word of Mouth”.

What does WOTD imply?

WOTD indicates “Word Of The Day”.

What does Wru imply?

Wru indicates “Who Are You”.

What does WTH imply?

WTH indicates “What The Heck?”.

What does WTPA imply?

WTPA indicates “Where The Party At?”.

What does WU? imply?

WU? indicates “What’s Up”.

What does WYCM imply?

WYCM indicates “Will You Call Me?”.

What does WYD imply?

WYD indicates“What You Doing?” To ask somebody what he/she’s been doing.

What does WYM imply?

WYM indicates “What You Mean”, like asking: “What do you mean?”.

What does WYWH imply?

WYWH indicates “Wish You Were Here”.

What does XD imply?

XD signals joy or laughter. It represents an emoticon with closed eyes and opened mouth.

Internet Slang, abbreviations and acronyms What does it mean

What does XOXO imply?

XOXO indicates sending out “Hugs and Kisses” to somebody.

What does YGM imply?

YGM indicates “You’ve Got Mail”.

What does YNK imply?

YNK indicates “You Never Know”.

What does YOLO imply?

YOLO indicates “You Only Live Once”.

What does YT imply?

YT indicates “YouTube”, the popular video streaming platform.

What does YW imply?

YW indicates “You’re Welcome”, welcoming somebody.

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The internet has actually been affecting almost whatever in our lives, consisting of how we interact. In a period where we are included with innovation, understanding the most typical internet slang is essential. Places like social networks, online forums, and remarks areas have plenty of terms that might be brand-new and unidentified to you

To address that, we produced this extended listing. Definitely, there are a lot more terms and acronyms, however we selected those that you will stumble upon more frequently.

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