NAS vs external hard drive

NAS vs External Hard Drive

NAS vs External Hard Drive– what are the primary distinctions in between both? In this post, we’ll be concentrating on whatever you require to learn about NAS and External Hard Drives.

Storage is amongst the necessary things in our digital lives nowadays. Be it desktop, laptop computers, or smart phones. We require great deals of storage to keep our photos, files, and other crucial files. There is another excellent factor to broaden storage in our computer systems: to keep backups of our crucial files and folders.

There are various methods to broaden storage for laptop computers and desktops. In desktop, the addition of a bigger hard drive is an uncomplicated and possible method to enhance storage and backup capability.

For laptop computers, in some cases you can include an extra internal disk drive or an SSD, however it may be a bit more complex than desktops– the factor being the smaller sized size and compact nature of laptop computers.

While you have those methods to increase your computer system’s storage, the most practical method to do so is through an external portable drive.

There are various external disk drives readily available in the market. When you connect it to your computer system through a USB port with any suitable cable television, you’ll quickly get extra storage.

Nevertheless, as practical as external hard drives are, they feature the expense of using up area on your table. Besides, they likewise take one USB, thunderbolt, or other suitable port of your computer system.

On the other hand, NAS (Network-Attached Storage) is a gadget that supplies external storage over a network. With the NAS server, you get storage capability that is main and quickly available from any network-connected gadget.

Individuals typically choose external SSD drives since they recognize with its innovation.

NAS is a brand-new principle of storage. Lots of people are still not familiar with it, that makes it a bit less relied on option by customers.

However we desire our readers to make a smart and educated option. A purchase that fits finest to your requirements and fits well to your needs.

NAS vs external hard drive

This post will compare NAS (network connected storage) and external disk drives. You can discover the benefits and drawbacks of NAS drive and external HDD and choose which choice is much better– if you remain in the marketplace for broadening your computer system storage.

NAS vs External Hard Drive

Variety of computer systems

NAS: It is primarily viewed that a NAS drive is clearly developed for workplace or business use. In truth, it is not. If you occur to have 2 or more computer systems, a NAS may be a much better and practical option.

This is since a NAS gadget resembles an umbrella, combining all your computer systems under it. That method, you will have the ability to access the NAS information utilizing any of the computer systems on the network. All you require are the qualifications to visit and gain access to the information.

External hard disk drive: If you have a single computer system, getting a hard disk may be a much better option. That method, you can plug in the storage gadget to your computer system and gain access to the information whenever you desire.

You might link 2 computer systems to an external drive at a time, however that once again depends upon 2 aspects.

The very first one is the physical distance of computer systems to each other and from the drive itself. The 2nd is the number of USB ports your hard disk drive deals.


NAS: NAS is not specifically a “compact” storage option as it needs a lot of area to establish. You require repaired storage area together with a designated router and network, which uses up a great deal of area.

A NAS option itself is a total facilities that requires a correct setup, physical connection, and area.

External hard disk drive: External disk drives are little, slim, and light-weight, which suggests they quickly fit on the side of your table. Their compact styles and little sizes make them perfect for bring along while you take a trip or move.

Ease of information gain access to from various computer systems

NAS: NAS, as discussed previously, is a centrally connected storage box. All the gadgets linked to a NAS share shared storage.

In this manner, you can likewise access all your information no matter the computer system you are utilizing. The only catch is that you should be linked to the very same network.

NAS has actually acquired much of its appeal since of this easy-to-access information and connected storage function.

Another function a NAS drive uses is remote gain access to, much like any routine cloud storage service. This suggests that if you are taking a trip and may require access to your information, you can access it from your NAS.

You just require to bear in mind your account settings and after that gain access to your NAS from another location. With with, third-party people can likewise access your information without owning a NAS gadget of their own. They simply require a gadget with web connection.

Nevertheless, to enjoy this remote gain access to function, you need to make an account on your NAS server. Establish an account, and you are prepared to own an individual cloud storage service of your own that too without a charge.

External hard disk drive: An USB hard disk drive works much like a routine internal drive i.e., one computer system at a time.

You can not access an external hard drive from several computer systems. If you have several computer systems, it can be a trouble to plug and disconnect the drive each time you need to access the information from various computer systems.

External disk drives do not support remote gain access to. You constantly require to access the USB drive through physical connection. This is the factor that they are likewise described as direct-attached storage or DAS.

NAS vs external hard drive


NAS: NAS is consisted of various boxes which are put in a set position. This suggests that you can’t bring your NAS together with you in your journeys. Furthermore, a NAS server needs a constant power supply and web connection to work. So, it is specific that you can not bring a NAS box along while taking a trip.

External hard disk drive: External disk drives are little in size and can quickly be brought in your knapsack. Some external disk drives can even fit your pocket.

An external SSD drive does not require a power supply or Web connection either. You can plug and play these drives anytime, anywhere with no external connection.

So, if it concerns mobility, an external drive is a much better option thanNAS Nevertheless, there are some external disk drives with enormous storage capabilities that do need a source of power. Just then, these drives can be plugged in into your computer system ports.

Storage capability

NAS: NAS has various storage alternatives. It includes a versatile style to accommodate numerous drives by providing various bays.

A NAS box uses 8 bays by supporting approximately 8 disk drives at a time. If you need additional storage, you can acquire extra disk drives and connect them to the network utilizing the bays.

You might utilize these drives either as a single hard disk drive or integrated huge HDD utilizing a RAID variety. Some NAS boxes even include USB ports.

That method, you can include some more extra storage by plugging in an external hard disk drive. You can even make use of these USB ports to link any other external gadgets like a printer and utilize these equally.

External hard disk drive: External hard drives, on the other hand, have stiff styles and certain storage. They do not support any storage addition in any kind.

If you lack area in your external HDD, the only methods to include more files are either erasing the existing files or buying a brand-new hard disk drive. There is no other method to include storage to an external hard disk drive.

Possibilities of use

NAS: NAS is in some cases described as a hard disk with a brain. They feature their personalized os and RAM. The RAM in the NAS system is likewise expandable, and NAS likewise uses assistance for third-party applications that boost use possibilities. Due to that, NAS can be utilized for jobs besides storage.

The extra jobs that NAS can carry out consist of interaction, security home entertainment, and backup healing services. In compliance with today’s innovation, NAS hard disk drive is smart storage.

External hard disk drive: External hard drives are likewise called “dumb” storage. They are easy storage gadgets that can be linked to any device. They can just keep your information, however neither can handle it nor procedure it for you. There are not a great deal of possibilities beyond storage in external disk drives.

NAS vs external hard drive

Information security

NAS: NAS system uses safe information storage, with some designs supplying system-level file encryption, user gain access to controls, information gain access to defense, and file-level file encryption.

You should follow the guidelines totally while establishing your NAS so that you look after all the security procedures needed by it. As NAS is on a network, there are opportunities to get assaulted by some external risk.

External hard disk drive: External HDDs are likewise sort of safe gadgets as long as you link them to your own computer system. Nevertheless, a NAS is even more safe and sound as compared to an external hard disk drive.

In addition, beware when you are linked to the Web by taking preventative measures versus ransomware and malware attacks. Ensure that you have actually set up correct Web security software application on your computer system to protect your important information.

Information backup and healing

NAS: All information requires a backup, so there is not any opportunity of losing it. With NAS, you can keep your information and prepare a backup of it.

Numerous NAS gadgets utilize RAID setup to shop and handle your information. A few of these setups immediately backups the information currently kept inNAS This suggests that half of your NAS storage shops your information, and the other half supports the very same kept information.

If you lose any of your drives to a fallout, you can rapidly recuperate the information from its backup. This awesome function makes your information essentially everlasting. To read more about this, we have actually covered an in-depth post on NAS and subsequent RAID setups.

External hard disk drive: External disk drives do not provide any automated information backup functions. This suggests that it just shops information. If you wish to backup information kept in an external drive, you require to keep it elsewhere for healing.

If your external drive experiences any fallout, you will likely lose all of its information with no healing or backup


NAS: Owing to its most current innovation, advanced functions, and enormous setup, NAS shows to be more costly as compared to standard or standard information storage approaches.

Nevertheless, if you take a look at the sustainability and includes it uses, the expense can be ignored. After all, NAS conserves you from purchasing extra storage and purchasing cloud backup memberships.

External hard disk drive: External hard drives, on the other hand, are less continuing your pockets. They are readily available in a vast array of sizes and can quickly accommodate any budget plan variety. The external solid-state drive is pocket-friendly and easily offered in the market.


Listed below we’re noting our suggested NAS and external disk drives readily available for purchase online.

Some external disk drives that you might think about purchasing are:

Some NAS gadgets that can serve your storage requires:

There are other trustworthy producers like Synology NAS to name a few that might deserve be taking a look at.

Finish Up

Both external disk drives and NAS are outstanding gadgets that you can utilize to broaden storage in your computer system. NAS uses more versatility as compared to external disk drives.

They are smart drives, and they can be utilized for jobs besides information storage and are likewise more safe than routine disk drives.

External disk drives are portable, and you can bring them any place you go. The option is yours, however. If you are searching for a storage option for several computer systems, NAS is the method to go. Nevertheless, if you own a single computer system, utilizing an external or USB hard disk drive may serve your storage requires well.

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