How To Reset Epson Printer To Factory Settings [2022 Guide]

How To Reset Epson Printer To Factory Settings [2022 Guide]

If you are having problem with your Epson printer and are unable to print a file, then it is time for you to reset Epson printer to factory settings. This will assist in repairing the any sort of issue that you’re printer perhaps having.

Resetting a printer to factory settings can appear like a genuine trouble. However it’s really quite easy, when you understand what you’re trying to find.

I have actually produced an unique Epson printer reset guide. It has lots of detailed guidelines, diagrams, and screenshots. So simply follow the actions and you’ll get your printer back to factory settings in no time. Here, I’ll inform you 3 various methods to reset the Epson printer to factory settings:

1) Resetting through Control Board

2) Resetting through Reset Button

3) Resetting through The Modification Program By Epson

What is Factory Reset?

A factory reset (or “factory default”) is a treatment utilized to bring back a gadget to its initial state. A factory reset gets rid of any set up software application or applications from the gadget, together with all user settings and information, consisting of individual files, e-mail messages, pictures, and other details kept on the hard disk.

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When it comes to a printer, it implies restoring its settings to defaults. The printer will be established with the maker’s default settings. You can likewise state that this is a tidy set up of the os of the printer.

Why Should You Reset Epson Printer To Factory Settings?

There are numerous reasons that you need to think about doing so. For example, when you have a mistake message showed on the screen of your printer, you might wish to attempt resetting it. In this manner, you may learn whether there is something incorrect with the hardware, or if the problem lies within the software application.

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Another reason that you need to reset your printer is that it might be that the printer has actually been contaminated with malware. Malware programs typically make modifications to the pc registry entries of your Windows PC. They can likewise alter the settings of your printers. If you believe that your printer has actually been impacted by malware, then you require to reset it to factory settings.

How to Reset Epson printer to Factory Settings?– Action By Action Directions

Below are 3 techniques you can utilize to factory reset your Epson printer, together with detailed guidelines for each.

Approach 1: Resetting through Printer Control Board

This approach needs utilizing the control board of your printer.

Action 1: Switch on your printer. Press the house button to access the house menu in the control board.

Action 2: Browse the left and best navigation buttons to open the Setup/Setting menu Click the choice.

Action 3: After that, you will require to select to Bring back default settings and verify your choice by clicking the okay button. Select All Settings and click OK. To bring back network settings, you should pick the very same choice with the very same name and utilize the very same approach.

Action 4: Then click YES to verify the choices.

How to Reset Epsons printer to Factory Settings Via Printer Control Panel

The printer has actually now been reset and its settings have actually been modified, so it is time to reboot and enjoy its freshly framed settings.

Approach 2: Resetting through Reset Button

This approach includes pushing the reset button of your printer.

Action 1: Turn the printer ON and guarantee you have a paper to print.

Action 2: To reset the printer, try to find the reset crucial( hole) near the Ethernet port at the back of the printer and press and hold it with a small item, such as a pen or paper clip.

Action 3: Press the power secret once again on the printer while you are holding the reset crucial to turn it on. Throughout the printer’s start-up, keep pushing the reset secret.

Note: Printing the IP address of the printer along with login details will activate a caution message from the printer.

Action 4: To bring back the default settings on the Epson printer, log in with the IP address to the Epson printer administration console on the computer system.

Reset Key

Approach 3: Resetting Via The Modification Program By Epson

For printers that do not have working buttons, this approach works. In this approach, resetting the printer needs a bit more time, however the procedure is really easy. Utilizing this approach, you will require to follow the actions listed below:

Action 1: Ensure that your computer system has the current variation of the Epson Adjustment Program set up. If not then download it.

Epson Adjustment Program

Action 2: On your system, launch the Epson Modification Program and make the required choices by clicking the Select choice

Action 3: Choose the design number of your printer and select the port on your computer system that the printer is linked to.

Action 4: To continue, click OKAY The window for Modification and Upkeep will open. Go to Upkeep and pick the Waste Ink Pad Counter choice.

Step 5: To continue, click OKAY You can now pick the Main Ink Pad Counter choice and click the initialize button revealed at the bottom best corner of the screen.

Action 6: To total the reset procedure, click the Complete button. To make the modifications work, reboot the printer.

Congratulations, you have now effectively reset your printer to factory settings.

Conclusion– The Bottom Line

A number of us have actually existed. We utilize our printers and we get a mistake message that we are not able to resolve or discover a suitable service for. Although most of the times all of the printer mistakes can be fixed by rebooting the printer or by including it once again to your computer system.

Nevertheless, doing this will not repair your Epson printer whenever. Because case, you can attempt another thing that may work: Reset Epson printer to factory settings. That need to resolve all the issues and provide your printer a clean slate. So I hope this guide will assist you because regard.

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