How to share Google Drive folder with non-Gmail users

How to share Google Drive folder with non-Gmail users

If you have actually been utilizing Google Drive routinely, you have actually most likely been believing to yourself howto share Google Drive folder with non-Gmail users Here we have a service for you.

This short article reveals a detailed guide on how you can share any Google Drive file or file with other users without a Gmail account.

Google Drive app has actually totally altered the method we share files, files, and information by means of Dropbox, OneDrive, or any other service. It lets us gain access to and exchange big files and folders quickly, increasing our performance at work.

Although it might permit uncomplicated sharing with other Google users, the problem happens when you have to share files with a non-Gmail address. As many individuals still utilize other e-mail services, like Outlook, Yahoo for interaction, and so on exchanging drive folders with them needs some extra work.

How to share Google Drive folder with non-Gmail users

Numerous Gmail users expect that they can not share Drive files with individuals who utilize other e-mail services than Gmail. Nevertheless, in truth, they simply require to create a shareable file link and send it. Later on, the users can access the shared Google file utilizing that shared link without the requirement to produce a Google account.

Developing a shareable link of Google Drive file or folder

Follow the actions listed below to produce a shareable link to your Google Drive file on your phone or computer system:

  • Start by accessing Google Drive;
  • Go to the folder or file you desire to share and right-click it to open a menu. If you do not have a folder, you can produce one by tapping on “New” and after that “Folder” on the left side of the page;
  • Click the Share icon on the menu. A box will appear on the screen. Here you can include individuals or groups of individuals with whom you desire to share this Drive;

How to share Google Drive folder with non-Gmail users

  • Next, click “Restricted” and tap on “Anyone with the link”;

How to share Google Drive folder with non-Gmail users

  • Now, gain access to the “Viewer” choice and pick any of the folder authorizations according to your option.

Here’s what various sharing authorizations indicate in Google Drive:

Audience: An audience can see and download the shared folder or file.

Commenter: This sharing setting suggests anybody with this link can access and talk about the file.

Editor: Anybody with the link can see, modify and erase the shared Drive and its material.

  • Lastly, click the “Copy link” button and send out the link to any non-Gmail user by means of e-mail, WhatsApp, or any other interaction media you’re utilizing.

Straight sharing a folder with non-Gmail users

If you have the e-mail of the one with whom you desire to share any file or file, you can straight email them the Google file by means of your Google Drive account.

  • First of all, open your Google Drive by right-clicking on the file or file you desire to share and after that pick the “Share” button;

How to share Google Drive folder with non-Gmail users

  • Now, click “Add people and groups” and type or pick the e-mail to which you want to send this file;

  • Next to the e-mail, you will see a “Viewer” or “Editor” choice. Tap it and alter the seeing approval according to your option;

  • Click the “Send” button at the bottom of the page;

  • A pop-up will appear verifying you are sharing the file with a non-Google account. Click the “Share anyway” button, and the individual will get the shared folder, Google doc, or file on his/her e-mail.

As Soon As you share a product with any user, they will be informed of your action by means of e-mail, as displayed in the image listed below:

How to share Google Drive folder with non-Gmail users

Here, we have actually shared a pdf file link with a Yahoo e-mail id. The e-mail comes with an indication and states it grants gain access to to the shared product without visiting. For that reason, the user who gets this e-mail can access the shared file without finalizing in to a Gmail account.


With a massive sharing limitation of 10 GB, Google Drive is among the extensively utilized cloud storage services for publishing and sharing products. It supplies a trusted sharing platform to a Gmail, along with a non Gmail user.

You can utilize the link-sharing technique to share one or several files with one or lots ofnon-Gmail users Furthermore, you can likewise email the files straight by means of Google Drive, and they will be able to gain access to them by means of their e-mail account.

Lots of people and companies do not utilize Google services or apps for official interaction. For that reason, it is necessary to understand how you can share Drive folders or Google Sheet with non-Gmail users.

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