What is my YouTube channel URL

What is my YouTube channel URL

How can I quickly discover what is my YouTube channel URL? Throughout this post, we’ll be diving into that. It is an extremely concern, as every brand-new user requires to share their YouTube channel relate to social networks platforms to get views and customers.

Here, we’re going to clarify what a YouTube URL is and likewise how you can discover it. This guide is appropriate whether you’re utilizing a PC or a mobile phone. Let’s begin.

What is my YouTube channel URL

What is the URL?

URL means Uniform Resource Locator and represents the address to something on the web. That might be a site, and even a file, an image, and so on

Discussing the particular case of a YouTube URL, it is the address where users can discover the area of a specific video on the YouTube site.

Your channel might have more than oneURL While various from one another, all of them direct your audience to your channel homepage.

Here are some URLs you can discover under YouTube channels:

  • ID-based URL

An ID-based URL is the universal URL YouTube channels include. It utilizes your special channel ID, which are the random characters (numbers and letters) at the end of the URL.

For instance:


  • Tradition username URL

If you produced your channel in the early days of YouTube, the URL for your channel might consist of the username at the end.

YouTube does not need a username to form a channel URL any longer. However you can still utilize your Tradition username URL to direct to your channel.

You may have been appointed to this URL type by default (you can set a username). The tradition URL stays the main link of your channel.

It’s, nevertheless, vital to keep in mind that you can’t alter the existing username even if you have actually changed your channel name.

For instance:


  • Customized URL

This is a much shorter, easy-to-remember URL that YouTube just appoints to certifying channels. The customized URL enables you to produce a URL for your Channel based upon your choices.

You can base it on your existing display screen name, tradition username, or connected and confirmed web domain. Remember you can just declare for the customized URL if your channel satisfies particular requirements.

A custom-made URL can function as an addition to your tradition or ID-based URLs. Some individuals choose to utilize the customized URL for their channel promo efforts.

For instance:

“youtube.com/c/display name, legacy username, or your linked and verified domain”

How do I discover my YouTube URL

How to discover my YouTube URL when I’m utilizing my laptop computer or my desktop?

If you’re utilizing a computer system, it is relatively basic to get yourYouTube URL These are the actions to follow:

  • Open any web browser on your PC/ Laptop computer and gain access to www.youtube.com;
  • On the YouTube homepage, check in to your YouTube channel at the top-right corner of the screen;
  • Click your profile image. You’ll discover it at the top-right corner of your page;

What is my YouTube channel URL

  • Go to “Your Channel” near the top of the menu. This takes you to your channel.

What is my YouTube channel URL

  • Now, you’ll see the channel link “URL” in the web browser’s address bar.

What is my YouTube channel URL

You can now highlight the URL and press Control + C on your keyboard. This copies the URL to the clipboard. Select the location you wish to paste it and after that press Control + V to paste your URL there.

I’m utilizing a smart device, what is my YouTube URL, and how to discover it?

If you’re utilizing a mobile phone, the procedure is a bit various. Follow these actions to discover your URL:

  • Release the YouTube application on your phone house screen. The YouTube icon is represented by a red rectangular shape with a white triangle inside;

What is my YouTube channel URL

  • Check In to your channel utilizing your Google account ID;
  • Tap your profile image at the top-right corner of the screen, after which a menu broadens;

  • Tap on the 3 vertical dots menu at the top-right corner of your screen;
  • Select“Share” This will open your phone or tablet’s sharing menu;

  • Tap“Copy |Link” The URL to your YouTube channel is now conserved to the clipboard;
  • Tap and hold the location where you wish to paste theURL You can now share your channel straight.


Among the very best methods to market your page throughout social networks is finding and sharing yourYouTube channel URL You can do this from your phone, tablet, or PC by following the actions offered.

And regardless of being an extremely basic procedure, a great deal of users do not understand how to discover YouTube URL at a very first look. So, we hope this post was handy for you to comprehend how to discover your YouTube Channel URL with ease.

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