What is the longest video on YouTube

What is the longest video on YouTube?

What is the longest video on YouTube? YouTube is the 2nd most utilized online platform after Google, and everyone understands why. All of us are guilty of investing hours and hours of our lives on YouTube for viewing content varying from our preferred television programs to our leading preferred tunes or perhaps discovering something brand-new.

However here, an enjoyable concern increases. Have you saw a single video for hours or perhaps for days? For the previous, many responses would be yes, however for the latter, you need to be questioning even if such videos exist that last for days. Your concern is legitimate, and the response to it is yes they exist. The Y ouTube optimum video length we are speaking about today lasts for three-quarters of a month, i.e. 23 days.

What is the longest video on YouTube?

Yes, you check out that right! The most significant video on YouTube has a period of 571 hours or 23 days 19 hours. The video in reality is called The longest video on YouTube uploaded by the MoldyToasterMedia channel. The video is made by a 25-year-old app designer Jonathan Harchick, and it is a compilation of pictures from his trip to Chile.

You may be wondering what the point of compiling pictures in a 571 hours video is? Well, your concern is valid. The concept of the video is inspired by 1964 Andy Warhol’s EMPIRE film. The film is a black and white silent footage of the Empire State building spanning 8 hours.

Moreover, Harchick asserts that the achievement of the video is not the content but the duration. According to him, the video aims for a technological breakthrough rather than an artistic one.

“To me, the challenge was about the compression”– he stated while speaking with HuffPost Weird News.“Putting that long of a video on YouTube requires a lot of compression because the site only allows 20 gigabytes” There’s a great deal of work that entered into this, however I believe just the tech geeks will acknowledge the effort.

Another technological bit about long videos is its size limitation. The YouTube file size limitation at the time this video was developed was just 20GB. So, it likewise includes this difficulty by not just covering the most prolonged YouTube video length limitation however likewise under a file size of 549 megabytes just.

The developer of this video, Harchick, challenges his audiences in the video description to make a video longer than his. Nevertheless, the genuine difficulty here is to enjoy the total video, which our company believe even Harchick did refrain from doing. He pointed out, “I do believe that if you watch the entire clip, it will change your life – and not in a good way”.

This record was set 9 years earlier. The years is over, however no other video might beat it. We question if the conquest to beat it ever gets opened or not.

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