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How to see someone’s last seen online on WhatsApp

Wonder how to see someone’s last seen online on WhatsApp even if that individual handicapped the function? You have actually come to the best area!

WhatsApp is the leader when it comes to interaction apps with more than 2 million international users by 2021. A figure that is rapidly increasing day-by-day. Given that it was launched, in 2009, it has actually been experiencing impressive development and has actually now taken control of the interaction area.

It runs on mobile phones, both Android and iOS, however you can likewise access it from your computer system. There is a practical web variation of the messenger that you can utilize on your PC as long as your mobile phone stays linked to the network while you’re utilizing the app.

WhatsApp uses a great deal of abilities, personalization choices, and personal privacy functions, consisting of the capability to conceal your last seen online status, conceal reading invoices to name a few.

How to see someone’s last seen online on WhatsApp

By default, if the other individual has actually passed by to conceal their last online status, it is extremely basic to inspect it out:

  • Open your WhatsApp app;
  • Select the “Chats” tab at the top of the screen;

How to see someone's last seen online on WhatsApp

  • Select the preferred contact you desire to see the last online status by tapping its name;

How to see someone's last seen online on WhatsApp

  • Wait a number of seconds and the last seen status will appear at the top, right listed below the contact name, exposing both the date and the time when the contact last accessed WhatsApp;

How to see someone's last seen online on WhatsApp

  • If the contact is online at the minute you’re inspecting, the word “Online” will appear listed below the contact’s name, rather of the last seen status.

How to see someone's last seen online on WhatsApp

Note: The online status appears when somebody is utilizing WhatsApp actively on a mobile phone (reading material or chatting), or if there is a WhatsApp Web active window opened on a computer system.

If WhatsApp Web is not the active window or active tab any longer and is now running in the background, the Online status will vanish after about 10 seconds, revealing the last seen online time and date if the user has actually passed by to conceal it.

What if a contact has their last seen status concealed?

Is it possible to understand someone’s last online status even if the individual selected to conceal it from other contacts? WhatsApp does not natively permit it, however yes, you can bypass that concern by utilizing some third-party apps. We’ll describe to you how to do it appropriately and successfully.

There are a lot of apps and scripts that will let you inspect other contact’s last seen status and even produce an activity log, so you can specifically understand when a contact was online and for just how much time. Some are even able to send out active notices whenever somebody gets online or offline.

Note: Take care though as lots of apps aren’t readily available in Google Play Shop, and applications from unidentified or insecure sources can include malware or hurt your gadget in some method. Utilize those at your own threat.

Utilizing WhatsWeb Plus

We have actually been evaluating WhatsWeb Plus for Android which you can discover in Play Shop and it’s entirely safe and practical. It certainly does what it guarantees. It is a WhatsApp last seen tracker online that works rather well and it’s complimentary if you’re tracking up to 2 numbers.

This app works by reading activity from WhatsApp Web. That indicates you require to be utilizing it on a computer system. The Google Chrome web internet browser is likewise a demand.

Below are the actions you require to follow to utilize this app successfully:

  • Open your Google Chrome internet browser;
  • Set Up the WhatWeb Plus extension from the Chrome web shop and run it;
  • Open a brand-new Chrome tab and gain access to WhatsApp web by typing;
  • Confirm if WhatWeb Plus is running on the left side of your WhatsApp Web window;
  • Login into your Google account;
  • Go to your Android Phone, and set up the WhatsWeb Plus app;
  • Then click on “Alarms”;
  • There you have to login into your Google account so your smart device integrates with your computer system;
  • Next, inspect if your status turned to “Connected”, displayed in green. If not, revitalize the WhatsApp Web window in your Chrome tab;
  • Lastly, click (+) to include the contacts you want to track;
  • Now you’re all set to begin getting pop-up notices on your phone whenever a few of the picked contacts go online or offline.

The complimentary variation of WhatWeb Plus lets you track up to 2 contacts for an optimal duration of 7 hours. After ending that duration you’ll require to include once again the designated contacts you desire to be tracking.

There are other (paid) variations (Fundamental, Requirement, Advanced, Master, and Pro) that will let you track more contacts at the same time with no limitation in time, and no ads.

This app will likewise produce a log with the contact’s WhatsApp activity.

Note: Want that you need to keep WhatsApp Web running on your PC so it is capable to track your contact’s activity and send it to your smart device.

How to conceal Online status

WhatsApp Messenger does not offer a choice to permit users to conceal when they are actively online utilizing the app.

Nevertheless, there are some techniques you can follow to read and reply to messages without appearing online:

  • Put your phone into “Airplane mode” to cut any information and network connection;

How to hide Online status on WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp messenger. Now you can check out and even respond to all messages, inspecting statuses, and so on without appearing online;
  • Close WhatsApp and wait on about 10 seconds;
  • You can now disable “Airplane mode” on your phone to re-establish its connection.

Utilizing this technique, even your “Last Seen” status will stay the same. So, if you have the “Last Seen” noticeable, nobody will see you were active on WhatsApp and even responding to messages.

If you want to understand how to conceal online on WhatsApp in an easier method, there are likewise some readily available third-party apps that can assist you conceal your “Online” status. “WhatsApp GB” is among the very best understood.

It’s a sort of a WhatsApp modder and enhancer that includes a great deal of functions, among them being the capability to conceal the “Online” status whenever you’re utilizing the messenger. Regrettably, it is not readily available in Google Play Shop, so you’ll have to download it and utilize it at your own threat.

Note: This WhatsApp modder is readily available both for iPhone and Android and sustains pretty good basic feedback.


Humans are rather curious and for lots of specific factors, tracking other’s online activity might have essential significance and you might even have a strong factor to do it.

Despite the fact that the app lets you do it by default, users can go back that by disabling “last seen online” under personal privacy settings. Luckily, there are a great deal of third-party apps established having this concern in mind, so you can set up a WhatsApp last seen tracker online and utilize it to override that scenario and feed your interest.

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