Where are my uploaded videos on YouTube

Where are my uploaded videos on YouTube?

Where are my uploaded videos on YouTube? YouTube can be difficult to browse, specifically for individuals who are brand-new to it. Hopeful YouTuber? A casual upload? Promoting a brand-new channel? Or possibly you’re simply seeking to submit a video and share it– possibly for your school.

If you want an alternative to discover where your uploaded videos are going, however you simply can’t see it, then you do not require to fret any longer.

In this post, we’ll teach you how to discover all of your uploaded YouTubevideos And if you have enough of them, we’ll even let you understand how you can browse through all utilizing filters.

Where are my uploaded videos on YouTube?

To begin, it is essential to understand that the approaches are various, depending on whether you are utilizing YouTube through your mobile phone or a home computer.

Utilizing a home computer

To discover your uploaded videos on the computer system, follow the listed below actions:

  • Have YouTube opened on your computer system screen;
  • On the top-right of the website, you need to have the ability to see your profile photo. If you have actually connected your YouTube account to your Google account, then this image will be the very same as your Google profile photo. It can likewise be a blank area if you have not set any image to show;

Where are my uploaded videos on YouTube

  • Click on your profile photo to open a pop-up menu;
  • From this menu, click on the very first choice identified: “Your channel”;

Where are my uploaded videos on YouTube

  • You will be required to your individual YouTube profile’s“Homepage” Right on the front, you need to see all of your uploaded videos in the list type.

Your videos are arranged here by default according to the date they were uploaded, with the most current uploads revealing on the top of the list.

Picking from various sort choices

If you’re trying to find a video that you have actually uploaded someplace on the past, click on the “Videos” tab. From here, on the best side of your screen, you’ll see a “Sort by” choice. There you have 3 choices for arranging your uploaded videos.

Where are my uploaded videos on YouTube

If its the case you’re seeking to discover a specific playlist or video, then take a look at the choices on the horizontal menu at the top. You can browse to discover playlists or specific videos.

Note: Videos that are in the procedure of being uploaded might disappoint up on this list. YouTube lets you track the development of videos that are presently being uploaded.

Utilizing the search bar

Still, if you have a specific video you’re trying to find in the middle of a great deal of uploaded videos, then you can look for it. Merely utilize the search icon, which is the last choice on the very same horizontal menu on thepage Go into the title or part of the title, and YouTube will discover the video for you.

If you have actually followed this guide up until now, however still have not discovered what you’re trying to find, then do not fret. The issue may be in the personal privacy settings of your account. You may have mistakenly concealed your videos.

Set personal privacy settings

To see your uploaded videos in information, open YouTube Studio. You can discover this on the best side of your screen as a button, or you can just click on this link.

YouTube Studio will show all of your uploaded videos together with data on each of them. On this screen, appearance under the “Visibility” to get the settings that are set for each video.

Some videos might be concealed due to legal concerns, or you may have set them to be personalvideos Merely alter the exposure to get those videos back to being quickly seen.

Where are my uploaded videos on YouTube

Utilizing a smart device or a tablet

Now let’s discuss how you can see your videos through your mobile phone. Although the approach we will discuss is particularly for the Android variation of the YouTube app, the design on the iOS variation is mainly the very same, so you can utilize the very same treatment on your iPhone or iPad.

Follow the actions listed below:

  • Open the YouTube application. If you do not have it set up, you need to do so initially from the Google Play Shop;
  • Much Like you would do on your desktop, aim to the leading right where is the icon for your profile. Tap on it to open a pop-up menu;
  • Browse to “Your channel”;
  • A profile page will open. You’ll see the “Uploads” heading on your primary screen and all of your uploaded videos in the type of a list;
  • To arrange your videos, you can utilize the very same choice that was described above the desktop approach: go to the “Videos” tab and choose “Sort by” on the left side of your screen.


If you’re having difficulty discovering your uploaded videos on YouTube, then these approaches need to be handy for you to discover them.

In case you utilize third-party applications to submit videos and the described approaches didn’t work for you, you might wish to review the settings of the program you’re utilizing.

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